Sunday, January 5, 2014

Xmas Morning!

Momma bought hats that each of the kids had to wear in order to be able to open gifts!  It was pretty silly...  As usual, Meat Head wore his most of the day to ham it up a bit!  Note the unbelievably cute Santa jammies he wore!!  So sweet.

Xmas Chaos!

The kids had an absolute blast with all of he gifts and chaos.  They are at a perfect age, as they are old enough to appreciate everything going on, but young enough to believe in everything Xmas entails.  We have made a tradition of having Santa send them each an email on Xmas eve.  We found a website that sends a video of Santa at the North Pole.  It's unbelievably real, and includes Santa entering their name and picture into the machine which determines if they've been naughty or nice.  To see the looks on each of their faces as they nervously awaited the results was priceless!  They literally shrieked when the needle pegged on 'nice'!!!  Just for fun I included Marshall, our puppy, and Santa found him to be naughty...  The kids were devastated.  Oops!  Another amazing holiday.

Meat Head!

I've gotten grief for calling my son Meat Head, so I figured I'd include this picture as an explanation...  The kid is just plain thick!  We're thinking Ohio State offensive lineman.  For all his size and boyishness, he sure is one sweet, good natured little boy. 

Nap Time with Dark Vader!

After a long morning of opening gifts, Bubba decided it was time for a nap.  He insisted that his favorite gift, a life size Dark Vader (as he calls it...), nap with him!  He's a goof.

Girlie Time!

While Big Boy napped, the girls took a Xmas spin around the house on Mia's new spark trike.  As she flies down the street, she pulls up on the handle at her left side and leaves a trail of sparks behind her...  Very cool, like her!