Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music with Uncle Ryan!

On Sunday Daddy had to go to the office and Mommy had errands to run, so Aunt Cathy & Uncle Ryan came over to hang out with the twins for a few hours! Uncle Ryan brought along his electric keyboard and Aubrey was thrilled to sit on his lap and learn to play... Look at that beautiful little smile! What a cutie sitting on Big Bird's lap...

Sleeping Beauty!

Mia is having quite the busy summer! As usual, no matter how much Momma has going on, she always finds time to keep Mia busy... So far Mia has attended a summer camp at her school, a summer camp at a gymnastics school, and this week is attending a camp called 'Voices', where she's learning how to sing, and even got to sing into a microphone! Friday she's going to cap the week of camp with a performance of 'The Good Ship Lollipop' for the parents... She hadn't been napping much the past year, but between the high energy camps and summer heat, she's taking nice long afternoon naps. Must be nice to be a child!

Big Lovers!

We are so lucky that our children get along so well... Mia shows nothing but love & affection toward her brother & sister. It's so fun for her now that the twins are getting old enough to play with her. Especially Brandon, who loves the way she rough houses with him. She'll knock him down and he grins ear to ear, begging for more! He's a bit of a meathead. He's unbelievably sweet, and is constantly smiling and waving at everyone he sees. He also happens to be a very large child, and he waddles around like Barney Rubble. He's quite the little man! I would imagine he'll be talking soon, as he's very into communicating exactly what he wants, and it frustrates him when he is not understood. Generally that means more food!

Big Girl...

The twins are growing so quickly now! Aubrey is still not walking, but it's purely out of laziness... She has the strength to do it, now just needs the desire. If we hold her hand, she'll walk beside us. Her favorite hobby is crawling up the step stool in front of the bathroom sink and pulling everything out of the drawers to be piled in the sink! As you can tell by this picture, she's very proud of herself when she gets away with it... I would imagine she'll choose to walk soon, as it really frustrates her when Daddy, Mia & Brandon run from room to room and she has a hard time keeping up by crawling. She really is a sweet, happy child! Other than her biting... The marks she leaves on her brother are frightening... Let's hope Jaws grows out of that one soon, as Mommy & Daddy aren't excited about following the advice we've received, which is to bite her back and teach her a lesson!!

Momma's Helper!

The night we got back from Ohio, while Mommy was getting the twins ready for bed, Mia unpacked her entire suitcase! She sorted her and the twins' clothes into piles and emptied the entire thing... That's one helpful little girl!