Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freak Show!

While Mia still loves her tubby time, she's slowing progressing to showers. Her latest is to wear her goggles in the shower, and put on a show for her brother & sister! The twins are absolutely fascinated by her antics, and would spend hours watching her shower... They idolize that girl. It's a twisted little group of people! Heeeee heeeeee

Welcome Home Daddy!

Daddy doesn't travel much for work anymore now that we have a house full of midgets! However, last week Daddy had to make a quick overnight trip to his Tulsa office. Coming home is always so amazing... Here's Daddy holding all three kids at once for a great big welcome home!! There is nothing like coming home to a house full of love and happiness! Children sure make you realize what matters in life.

Amazing Cousins!

For Easter / Passover we went to Palm Springs to meet all of Stacy's family, as well as Mary & Bill's entire clan! We spent several lazy days hanging out poolside, barbecuing, and enjoying quality time with all the kids... The entire Johnson clan were extremely welcoming and loving, as always. However, Kelly & Ken have a few kids who are truly over the top. Sarah, seen in the picture above, and her sister Anna, are absolutely amazing with the twins! They were constantly helping us by looking out for them, holding them, loving them and just generally being the sweetest kids you could imagine. Mia and the twins sure are lucky to have so many loving people in their lives!

Uncle Freddy!

Big B got some quality bonding time with his Uncle Freddy! It was great to get to see Fred & D, and meet their sweet kids, Foster & Josie. All of the kids spent the better part of the vacation playing on the sandy beach at the pool. The sand toys and castle building were a mega hit for sure...

Hadley Sleep Over!

Mia and her cousin, Hadley, had sleep overs every night at the hotel. Hadley was so sweet with her little cousin, and they played so well together all weekend. During our Easter egg hunt Alec & Gavin even helped to ensure Mia found her share of the eggs. Mia always gets very sad when we have to leave her cousins... She sure loves them. So sweet!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Year Pictures!

A few weeks back we took the kids to a portrait studio to have their one year photos taken. Mia tagged along and did a little modeling herself... This was my favorite photo of 'Popper', which is the nickname Mia has given her little sister! Too cute with her little pony tail...

Pretty Girl!

Our baby is growing into a beautiful little girl... Love that gorgeous smile!

Sibling Love!

Mia sure does love her little brother! We love this picture of the two of them...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday BBQ

Sunday afternoon we had some neighbors & friends over for some swimming & bbq! It was a gorgeous 95 degree day, and Mia had an absolute blast playing with all the boys... Here she is doing her best Cleopatra impersonation! Actually, the boy right behind her in this picture is Wolfie, Kurt & Sue's son. He is Mia's first crush! It's so cute to watch her follow him around all starry eyed. It's also good because he knows Daddy, and thus he fears Daddy!! We've got our eyes on him... Heeee heeeee

Dining Out...

Brandon & Aubrey really enjoyed their first BBQ! Momma brought their high chairs out into the back yard and they relaxed in the shade, eating their peas & chicken... Neither of them cared much for the swimming, as evidenced by their screaming as Daddy tried to take them in the water! So, back to the food... Something they do well!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Major Progress!!

I'm pleased to announce there ain't nothing wrong with this kid!! Aubrey has absolutely blossomed in the past few weeks... She went from barely rolling over to crawling around the house so fast we can hardly keep up with her! She's spinning and crawling and dancing and smiling. She has such a sweet little smile and a wonderfully gentle nature. She's already beginning to pull herself up and providing much needed reassurance to her Mommy & Daddy... Brandon actually took his first few steps tonight! He took three steps and then realized nobody was supporting him, so he sat down. He's clearly ready to walk, but lacks the confidence. Another week or two and he should be walking. At least until Mia knocks him down...

Monkey Boom!

It's hard to believe, but after four years Mia appears to be outgrowing her favorite Mary Bear! She has recently become attached to a little monkey that she named Monkey Boom. No idea where the kids comes up with this stuff... Last night she did the cutest thing. She found a small wooden box and a few wash cloths, and made Monkey Boom the cutest little bed. She was adamant about tucking him in properly and putting him to bed in her room! (Note the serious look on her face!) Children can be so sweet... And this one, well, she's clearly a very special child! There are no words to describe the level of love that we feel towards her. I'm sure most parents can relate...

Play Time!

The twins are fast becoming toddlers! Last week we got a new water table in the back yard and they are obsessed... Its' great because it forces them to stand up and strengthen their core muscles. They continue to thrive and are an absolute blast to have around! That being said, we're pretty sure 3 is plenty. Not sure how people do 5, 6, 7 kids?!?!

The Sleep Eater!

The twins have grown to be inconsistent nappers. Some days they'll sleep for hours, and other days a 30 minute power nap suffices! The best part is the resulting exhaustion on the short nap days... Here is Brandon sleeping through dinner! This has become a once or twice a week routine for him. He loves food so much that he'll literally reach for bites and stuff them in his mouth as he's snoring! It's quite comical. The kid sure is a clown.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Steady Progress!

The twins sure are continuing to develop at a rapid pace now! Aubrey has gone from barely moving to army crawling all over the house. She's so focused on movement that if she is confined in her forward progress, she'll simply spin in circles... She vocalizes (ie-screams!) constantly, and is really making us proud! Brandon continues to eat everything he sees, and throws full on tantrums if you try and feed him any less than an entire cow! He stands on his own for about 30 seconds at a time, and should be walking any day. They are totally playing and interacting with Mia now, and the house has become a complete zoo. We love every minute of it!

Easter Bunny Love!

This past weekend we attended the annual NICU Easter Egg Hunt. It's a great opportunity to see all of the nurses who took such wonderful care of the twins, and a chance for them to be amazed at how chubby our kids are! As you can see above, the twins were not at all amused by the Easter Bunny. Mia wouldn't even get within about 20 feet... So much for bunny love!

Daddy's Birthday!

Mia was so incredibly sweet on Daddy's birthday! For days she has been asking, "Is today Daddy's birthday?". Then, on the morning of, she woke Daddy up with her rendition of 'Happy Birthday', and then worked hard with Mommy on a special cake. She actually did most of the mixing & preparation... Having the whole family together made it Daddy's best birthday ever!

Godfather Steve!

Mia's Godfather, Steve, came for a visit. He & the boy really bonded, as you can tell in this picture... It was great having him around to spend time with the midgets! After he flew out on Sunday night, Mia told Mommy that she missed Uncle Steve, and wished he would stay for a year. So sweet...