Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Vacation!!

We just got home from an absolutely fantastic family vacation in San Diego! Mommy & the kids spent a week with Aunt Caren, Uncle Pat, and Mia's cousins. Then Daddy joined in and we all spent another week along the beach in Carlsbad. It was so fun to get away as a family and enjoy quality beach time and lounging, not to mention escaping the AZ heat... We had BBQ's with friends, made giant bubbles, learned to fly a kite, and found some great restaurants. The kids are at such fun ages and just want to cuddle and play. It was so nice to be able to enjoy non-stop time with them...


During the first leg of our trip we took the kids, along with their cousins, to Legoland! Mia & Hadley had their faces painted, as you can see by this scary picture... The kids really enjoyed all the Lego exhibits, and it's always great to see how much fun Mia has with her cousins!

Beach Time!

We got loads of beach time on our vacation! We learned that Brandon likes to roll around in the sand, and occasionally eat it as well... The kids had loads of fun burying themselves under mounds of sand!

Feeding the Squirrels!

During our vaca we paid a visit to Balboa Park for an afternoon picnic and a ride on the vintage Merry Go Round. Sandy's kids, Tanya, Justin & Sarah, were so sweet playing with Mia and helping care for the twins. Mia found a squirrel family and spent the better part of the afternoon hand feeding them peanuts... It was so sweet!

Sea World!

Anybody recognize these two cute little butts?! During our California trip we paid a visit to Shamu. Brandon & Aubrey love the seals! It sure was a lot of work having the twins at Sea World. Wow, they want in the stroller, out of the stroller, to walk, to be held, to eat... We don't mind though, those little cuties are definitely worth the work. We had a blast, and Mia loved all the sea life!

Aubrey & the Marine!

While in San Diego we spent quite a bit of time with our good friends Frank & Sandy, and their beautiful children. Frank is a Lt. Colonel in the US Marine Corps, and it's apparent that Aubrey was a bit smitten jwith this soldier... She's such a flirt!

Monkey Boom!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the demise of Mary Bear... After several years of deep love & affections, Mia has supplanted Mary with Monkey Boom! He's quite frisky and, being much smaller, is easier to take along with us wherever we go. Welcome to the family Boom!

Mia the Pirate!

Here's the midget doing her best angry pirate impression! Pretty scary, huh?!