Monday, September 23, 2013

The Dog Whisperer!

I'm not exactly sure if Aubrey should be called the Dog Whisperer, or the Dog Terrorizer!  One thing I am sure of is that Mr. Marshall has an amazingly calm temperament.  Aubrey not only carries him around all day, but she curls up in his dog bed with him and literally smooshes him with love & kisses!  We watch very closely for fear of some type of snapping from Mr. Marshall, but he just seems to love the constant attention and affection.  Hopefully she'll figure out at some point that he's not a stuffed animal...  No doubt the love he has brought into our loves is a great complement to the already amazing children we are so lucky to share our lives with!

Happy 6th Gotcha Day!!

Hard to believe it's already been 6 whole years since this crazy beautiful child came into our lives...  Sept 17th was Mia's annual Gotcha Day celebration.  Mommy made her a special chocolate cake, and Grammy & Papa came up for a visit as well.  Mia decided she wanted to go out for pizza, and end the night with some ice cream and games at the Sugar Bowl.  Another awesome and rewarding family day...

L'Shana Tovah!

To celebrate Yom Kippur, Mommy & Daddy volunteered to be the Shabbat parents for the Twins' classroom!  The kids were so excited to have us be a part of their celebration, and we stayed with them through Temple too.  They were so sweet and happy!!