Thursday, May 24, 2012

RV Trip to New Mexico!

This past weekend we rented an RV and took the kids to New Mexico to visit their Grandparents! As you can tell by Mia's face, it was nothing but a party...  In fact, here she is in her private bedroom area over the cab of the RV.  She thought it was the greatest thing on Earth!  Visiting Grandma & Grandpa was really relaxing, as they live in a ghost town called Hillsboro, NM.  It literally defines 'Middle of Nowhere'...  What a great chance for the kids to play in the creek, roam down a dusty road & play with the dogs!  We had a wonderful weekend together.

Digging for Relics!

As anyone who knows my Mother is aware, she's very much into history! Living in a ghost town has provided her an opportunity to dig for relics.  Amazingly, she found a 125 year old Chinese coin on her property and had it made into a ring for Stacy a while back. It turns out that during the Silver rush of the 1890's, the Chinese were brought in as laborers, and their encampment was exactly where she lives today! Mia & Aubrey enjoyed working the metal detector and digging.  They unearthed several nails, a spoon, and part of a harmonica from the 1800's.  A very cool experience for them...

Grandpa Ray!

The kid's really enjoyed hanging out with Grandpa Ray, and going for a ride in his Kuboda UTV!  As evidenced by Aubrey's cuddle in this picture, she is very much a hugger and kisser, unlike her older sister...  It was really sweet to see them enjoying quality time with their grandparents!

Momma Love!

No matter where we are, Momma's love heals all...


It was really nice to hang out with the kids and parents for a few days of quiet relaxation...  I was a little frightened to journey to an area with no cell service or internet.  However, I must say that it was great to be able to focus solely on the kids, with no interuptions!

Puppy Nap!

Brandon has definitely decided to do things his own way...  Not sure where he would have gotten that rebel streek from?!  At Grandma's he decided to lay down for a nap in Murphy's dog bed.  Hey, why not?  It's the perfect size...

Safety First!

Aubrey is nothing if not entertaining...  Here she practices her best rendition of 'put the plastic bag over your head' for Grandma!  Gotta love the smile.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


This week was Mia's graduation from Pre-K.  The school made a really big production which included a procession into the Temple, each child receiving a diploma and speeches by the teachers.  As the children received their diploma they each addressed the audience and stated what they want to be when they grow up.  Mia apparently has decided she wants to be a doctor, which is very Jewish of her!  Then the teachers said something about each child in the class.  Their were comments were about creative clothing choices, OCD, etc.  However, their comment about Mia struck me as interesting, since it's the very same statement I've often heard about her mother...  Her teacher said that Mia is always quick to include any children being left out, and is always a friend to those who are down or in need.  She's lucky to have a role model such as Stacy, and apparently others are noticing what we've always known.  Simply put, Mia is an amazingly sweet & beautiful little girl with a very gentle & kind spirit.  She's our angel...

All Grown Up...

It is crazy to think that Mia just completed her 4th year at Chanen Preschool, and is headed off to Kindergarten.  She has learned so much, and grown so fast...  At the end of the graduation ceremony they all said the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then, they turned to the Israeli flag and said the entire Israeli state pledge in Hebrew, and Mia knew every word.  It's amazing the things she has learned which we're not even aware of...  She is truly an amazing child, and we're very lucky to share in her life!

First Rain Storm!

The other day we have a freak rain storm during the midst of our latest heat wave!  The twins could hardly wait to break out their rain gear.  They were not messing around.  They busted out boots, jackets and umbrella's before the first drops hit the ground... It was so fun to see them playing in the rain!

Bat Gear!

Mia was thrilled to break out her Bat Man rain gear for the first time!  You gotta admit that her Bat cape is awfully cool...  She was proud to teach her little siblings what 'playing in the rain' is all about!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sick Girl...

This weekend the Lovell's celebrated Cinqo De Mayo by all battling the flu!  Yep, once again we're all sick...  Thankfully Daddy got it first, and the lightest, so someone was able to be a caretaker.  The twins went down next, and by Saturday night Mia & Mommy were hit pretty hard.  Here is Mia looking none to entertained that Daddy is taking pictures of her preparing to lose her lunch!  Poor girl...

Big Boy Napper!

This past week our home was a construction zone while we emptied all of the bedrooms and replaced the carpet with wood floors.  Wow, did we live in chaos for a few days...  At nap time Momma was either driving the kids around while they slept, or putting them in their sleeping bags in our bedroom, as evidenced above.  If you click on the picture you'll see B is missing part of his eye lashed on his left eye!  He fell down and cut his eye lid a few weeks back. The wound healed quickly, but the diminished blood supply caused his eye lashes to fall out.  It looks funny because he has such long lashes...  Little man sure knows how to wound himself!

Take Me To Your Leader!

Mia is just about the silliest girl I know...  She's always finding new ways to enterain herself, and those around her!  Here she is pretending to be an alien. Goof ball!!

Mia's Favorite!

Mia's Uncle Jesse, Momma's cousin, came over for dinner the other night.  Mia's a pretty social girl, but usually takes a bit to warm up to people.  She obviously has known Jesse for quite a while, but really fell in love with him during this visit.  They played together studying Spanish and entertaining each other for several hours...  Mia had a blast!


Aubrey would never take a pacifier as a child. However, she's now decided that it's funny to entertain Mommy & Daddy by taking her doll's pacifier and putting it in her mouth... She'll ride all the way to school like this, while feeling very proud of herself!  Silly...

Paging Dr. Aubrey!

As you can tell by her expression, Aubrey was quite proud of this costume!  Usually these sweet moments are followed closely behind by a pushing match with Brandon & Aubrey both claiming ownership of said costume or toy, and potentially involving biting, hair pulling or wrestling.  I'm barely exaggerating... 

Lazy Bones!

Aubrey sure enjoys relaxing in front of the TV with a snack...  Recently she discovered she could hoist her chair onto the ottoman and create her very own home theater experience! 

Daddy's Big Helper!

Mia has always been very inquisitive as to Daddy's tools & projects.  As she gets older, she's really become helpful. Recently she helped Daddy to wire brush & repaint the fence.  It was an extremely hot day and Mia was a trooper!