Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who Me?!

This is one cool kid kicking it on the couch, waiting for the ladies! He & Dad have been working on polishing his nonchalant look for the girls...

The Princess!

Every time I think the midget's creativity has peaked, she takes it to a whole new level... This week Daddy has spent the majority of his time wearing his golden crown & cape, while swinging his sword to protect the Princess! Apparently there are many scary lions & bears in our home which need to be slain! Quite a beautiful Princess, I think you'll agree...

Aubrey's First Food!

Since Brandon is getting real food, we decided Aubrey should try some as well... She isn't eating at the same rate as her brother, but certainly doesn't shy away from the bottle! Here she is trying her first peas & bananas. It took her a moment to warm to it, but she proceeded to eat a pretty heathly serving!

Brandon's First Food!

Since Brandon is pounding through his bottles at an alarming rate, we thought it might be time to try a some real food... He's been getting rice cereal for a few weeks, but here he is with his first smashed peas. Yummy! He tore through the peas and moved right on to smashed bananas. I'm pretty sure I should begin saving my pennies for the counseling this kid is gonna need regarding his evolving eating issues!

Getting Stronger!

While she definitely has trailed Brandon in physical development, Aubrey is making up for lost time now! She likes to hang out in this crazy little chair and flirt with anyone who walks past... Quite the smile on this gorgeous little one!


I don't even think I need text with this picture... This kid lounges in the tub like he's some kind of 3rd Century BC warrior!

Somebody Help Me!!

Yep, unfortunately for Big Old Brandon, this is the picture he most often sees! His big sister, Mia, displaying her massive 'close talker' abilities... She's really enjoying having the twins around these days, and likes to climb on them, put on shows for them, etc. I'm pretty sure it's better for her than it is for them... Oh well, they'll grow to love it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School

Wow, can the summer already be over?! Today we had a 'meet your teachers' day at Mia's school. Mia will be going to pre-school three days per week this year. She really seems to enjoy herself, and even asked if she could go five days per week! Mommy isn't quite ready for that level of separation yet... Baby steps.

Holding Hands!

You never know how much is wishful thinking on the part of parents and which part is true, but the bond between twins sure does seem to be something special... Here they are spending time on the play mat together, and they end up holding hands! Aubrey had an MRI last week to check a mole on her back. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing. However, during the procedure Daddy took Brandon to work so Mommy could focus on Aubrey. Keep in mind, Brandon has become a fairly easy child. Very little crying, unless of course he's hungry. Well, at about 10:30 am, while at Daddy's office, happy Brandon began crying for no apparent reason. Really crying! This lasted about 2 minutes, and then he was all smiles again. A twin who works with Daddy casually mentioned that I may want to find out what time Aubrey was awoken from her general anesthesia. Sure enough, at precisely the time that Brandon cried for no apparent reason, Aubrey was awoken and was very upset! Coincidence?!?! Hmmmm....

Bestest Friends!

Mia's best friend in the whole world is Taylor! She is Kim & Steve's daughter, and is just the sweetest little thing... Kim happens to be one of Mommy's closest friends, which makes their friendship very convenient! They are in gymnastics & dance together, and try to emulate each other at every opportunity. Mia always wants a single pony tail like Taylor, and Taylor wants piggy tails like Mia... Their close bond and affection for eachother is really amazing to witness! Ironically, Taylor's Mommy & Daddy are expecting twins soon too!!

True Love!

Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes! These two are so animated and playful it's amazing... Here they are spending a little quality time together on a blanket. Do you think she fancies her brother?!?! He definitely plays the 'cool guy' role.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chubby Tubby!

Here is our chubby little girl getitng a tubby! For a few weeks his personality was blossoming, while she was still quite sleepy & lethargic... Thankfully she is now blossoming as well. It's so fun to see them giggle and smile!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This weekend was the first time that Mommy has been away from the twins, and for three whole days! Needless to say, I woke up Tuesday morning to find this sweet little man child sleeping next to me... Apparently Mommy couldn't spend another night away from him! Can anyone say heavenly?!

Island Adventures!

This past weekend we went back to Cleveland for Daddy's 20 year high school reunion! We left the twins at home with Grammy & Papa, who were kind enough to allow us a little quality time with the midget... During our stay, we took Mia to Kelley's Island for a day trip! Aunt Cathy and the Reilly clan joined us for a day of sunshine and exploration. We had an absolute blast riding the ferry on Lake Erie, eating sea food (or rather Great Lake food), cruising around in a golf cart with Zoe & Lilly and capping the day with ice cream & fudge! It was great to spend three whole days of quality time with our incredible little girl... She's the best!

Swimming with Zoe & Lilly!

While Mommy & Daddy attended Daddy's 20 year high school reunion, Mia hung out with her Aunt Cathy at Doug & Heather's house. Their beautiful daughters, Zoe & Lilly, are in love with Mia and could not have been sweeter or more fun! Mia had an absolute blast, and I'm pretty sure she didn't even realize Mommy & Daddy had left! Summers in the midwest sure are fun...

Wilderness Beauty!

While in Cleveland, Daddy & Mia got to spend a few hours in the Metroparks. These were the woods where Daddy grew up, so it was really fun to explore the same trails Daddy played on as a child... Mia made sure we found a magical castle, we conducted an orchestra with sticks, and we skipped stones! Moments like those are the absolute best in life.