Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gangster Brandon!

Mia still loves dressing up her brother & sister! Daddy came into the room on Christmas Eve only to find Brandon looking like he was headed to a gang initiation... You gotta admit, he's a pretty cool cat!

Early Presents!

Grammy & Papa drove up for an early holiday lunch on Christmas Eve. Before going to the Club, they gave Mia a present that she absolutely loves! It's basically an erector set, but you can make various objects from a robot, to a shopping cart. She is extremely creative, and very into using tools, so this was the perfect gift. We've been wrenching all day!

Big Lovers!

Mia just can't get enough of her siblings! When they are napping she says she misses them and asks us to go get them. When they go to bed, she crawls into their cribs and cuddles with them... She is just such a sweet and loving child! It's so great that she's reached an age where she spontaneously tells us that she loves us, or misses us. Not sure how we got so lucky to have such beautful, sweet children!

Real Food...

The twins have finally made the move to real food!! We supplement their bottles with Momma's home made baby food. At first Daddy didn't take Momma's desire to make her own baby food too seriously. At least until the twins lit up when they ate the crazy concoctions she has devised... Anyone for fresh salmon, pineapple and eggplant all blended into one seriously foul looking puree?!?! They love it! Fresh fruit, a little pasta? You name it and she's blending it. They sure do love their Momma's cooking!

Messy! Who Me?

She's not too far behind her brother in her ability to wear more than 50% of her food... It's such a joy to feed them and right when you start to move in to give her sweet little face a kiss, you suddenly hear Brandon making strange noises and begin to feel his food spraying onto your face! Yep, he just loves to spit food at those around him! Very endearing habit of his...

Her Mohawk!

Momma can't help but to make silly hair styles with the twins when bathing them! They are such hams that they love the attention no matter how ridiculous they end up looking...

His Mohawk!

Not to be outdone by his sister...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Kids!

Momma has a sitter come spend a few hours with the twins on Monday mornings so she can run errands. We recently started using a nice young lady named Kassy. This week, while watching the kids, she sent a text to Mommy of this picture. You can tell they sure do like Kassy! What cuties...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big Lovers!

At dinner the other night I was able to capture these two goof balls sharing french fries... Big lovers!

Kiddie Cage!

A few years ago I saw some friends with a corrale set up in their house for their children. I recall thinking what a horrible thing that was... It's funny the judgements we'll make when we have little experience with something! This past week we set up our very own kid corrale. Wow, what a life saver it is... It takes up half our damn house, but Mom can load it up with toys and the kids can go crazy. Without walls keeping Brandon in, I'm pretty sure he'd chew through our electrical system in a matter of moments!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Momma Love...

It is truly amazing the power of a Mother's love... Aubrey & Brandon started out weighing only 3 pounds, and are absolutely blossoming in every way! Stacy's constant nurturing and love has had such a tremendous impact on their little lives. This picture says it all...

Happy Girl!

Aubrey has an absolutely infectious smile! Even first thing in the morning, she's all smiles & giggles! It's so fun to walk into the room and watch the twins just light up... They're so sweet!

Aunt Catha!

Mia has taken to giving everyone nicknames. Aunt Cathy is now referred to as Aunt Catha! Last week Aunt Catha joined us for a Chanuka celebration at Mia's school. The midget was so excited to have Mommy, Daddy & her Aunt all in attendance...

Best Friends!

It's really amazing to see how quickly Mia & her best friend, Taylor, are growing up! I remember when we thought it was so cute to see them socializing for the first time... Now they're cruising the block looking for boys! There's a couple of snow midgets bundled up behind them. That would be Momma & the twins trailing the girls...

Happy Siblings!

There sure is a lot of love in this home! The twins are beginning to really enjoy the never ending energy of their big sister Mia... Here they are all cuddled up and playing in the midget's bed!

Boy Buried...

Brandon & Aubrey like to play in Momma's clothes baskets. He usually gets 2 or 3 toys to play with while he's in there. However, on this particular day Mommy asked sweet little Mia to get a few toys for her brother! You can barely make him out beneath the massive pile of toys... She was quite amused with herself.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Chanuka

Mia really enjoyed her first night of Chanuka! For some reason she thinks that this holiday is all about eating chocolate gelt and getting presents... She's all in for anything that combines her favorite pass times! On the first night of Chanuka she got an 'Olivia' trunk. 'Olivia' is her most recent favorite TV show, about a talking pig. On the second night of Chanuka she got a digital violin! If you know Mia, you know how she feels about her musical instruments. She insisted on taking it with her to her hair cut this evening... Children make the holidays so much fun!