Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Riders!

The Twins got glider bikes for their birthdays and didn't seem to show much interest at the time.  Now, a few months later, they are really having fun with them!  We're trying to spend as much time outside as we can, seeing as it's already in the 90's.  Should be 110 before we know it...  Yikes!

Girl in a Bag!

That little Aubrey of ours sure can be a strange one...  We're always finding her in boxes, bags or cupboards!  I know, it's all very safe.  While watching Mia race her new go kart, we turned around to find Aubrey doing her best Houdini impersonation. Thankfully there were air holes in the bag!  Be sure to click on the picture and blow it up so you can see by her facial expression just how impressed she is with herself...

Building the Kart!

Mia decided that she wanted a go kart, so after tugging on Uncle Chris' heart string, and purse strings, she got one! He was kind enough to order her a really cool two person go kart.  When it showed up we realized we need to build it, which is just the type of thing to get Mia excited.  She is amazing with a wrench, and has serious mechanical aptitude.  I know, big shock!  We worked late into the night getting it together, and the result was definitely work the hard work.

Racing the Kart!

Once all the work was completed Mia went nuts on the street!!  She was a little tentative for her first lap or two, but before long she was hopping curbs and sliding through turns...  Bubbys and Aubs loved being her passenger, and fought over who was next!  Uncle Chris was truly generous to send such an amazing gift.  Even if it did come in a box of parts with no instructions... Ugghhh.

Crazy Face!

Big Boy is still a big old ham!  He's definitely the comedian of the family, and spends his days making us laugh...  Here he is doing his best crazy face, with a little assistance from Dad.

Big Lovers!

The grounds at the Phoenician, where we stayed for Momma's birthday, could not have been more beautiful.  Aubrey spent the whole weekend on the balcony pointing out every bunny that ran by...  The two of them are growing so quickly, and are so cute!  Don't get me wrong, they are an absolute handful.  Brandon has reached an age of defiance, and boys definitely handle their defiance differently than girls.  He's not going to get emotional and give in when disciplined.  Aubs, on the other hand, acts like a 13 year old girl going through puberty...  Every little thing sets off a torrent of tears.  That being said, she really has blossomed into an absolute lover!  She just wants to hug and kiss all the time.  They're the best!

Happy 40th Birthday Momma!!

Mia & Daddy planned a dinner party for Momma's big 4-0.  We had 10 couples at the Royal Palms resort for a lavish dinner on the lawn.  Mia was so excited to be a part of the big night, even putting on a special dress and doing her hair in braids!  Momma had never had a surprise party before, and we played it off perfectly.  We took the whole family to the Phoenician for the weekend, and after a long day at the pool we convinced Momma to go out for a quiet dinner, minus the crazy twins...  The night could not have gone off better!  Happy birthday Momma, we love you.

Momma's Little Bar Tender!

At Momma's party Mia decided to work the bar with Daddy!  She mixes a mean cocktail...  It was so fun to have her at Momma's party. She loved playing with Aunt Cathy, and I certainly hope it's a memory she'll have forever...