Sunday, February 10, 2013

Legoland Birthday Trip!

This year Mia asked that instead of throwing her a big party at our Club, could she take a special trip to Legoland, in California, with Mommy and her best friend Taylor.  Since Taylor, and her Mom Kimmy, moved to Colorado last year, we thought it a reasonable request.  So last weekend the girls and their Mom's flew to Cali for a few days of fun on the beach and a visit to Legoland!  While Mia has many friends she adores, she and Taylor have been besties since they were babies.  The bond is truly special, and it's so fun to watch them act crazy together!  Daddy stayed home with the twins so the girls could party.  Definitely a birthday to remember for our special little girl.

Mia is 6 Years Old!!

It is absolutely unbelievable to think that our little midget is already 6 years old!  Mia couldn't wait for her birthday, so we gave her the electric scooter she'd been begging for a few days early...  As expected, she's already hopping curbs and racing the boys!  Time sure flies with the little ones, but we savor every moment we get to spend with them. Mia has grown into exactly the little girl we expected her to be.  She's amazingly sweet, bright and fun.  What is surprising, is just how naturally cool she is... This kid is special!

6th Birthday Bash!

For Mia's 6th birthday Momma threw a blow out bash for the neighborhood!!  She had a snow cone truck come onto the street blaring Carribean music and everyone converged for a block party.  The kids raced their bikes and trikes, while the adults relaxed with a few cocktails.  The highlight was Mia's 'Wizard of Oz' cake, which is her most recent favorite movie.  It was truly a great day of fun!

Birthday Hostess!

Our plan was for Mia to hang out with her friends and enjoy a tasty slushy!  However, she had other plans...  She hopped inside the truck and spent an hour or so serving up tasty delights to all of her friends and neighbors!  She loved the action and everyone had an absolute blast!

Birthday Bash Hangover!

Apparently Big Boy had a little too much fun at Mia's birthday party...  Here he is literally passed out inside the soccer net in our neighbor's driveway!  Nothing like go hard & crash hard!!  He's a lot like Daddy...

Cupcake Party!

Momma hosted a special birthday party just for the girls from Mia's kindergarden class.  They went to a local bakery called Bertha's, and all learned how to make cupcakes!  Mia had so much fun, and got to decorate her own special birthday cupcakes...

Strange People!

I'm not really sure I can explain this picture...  Brandon put a bandana on and decided he was a naked pirate!  Not to be outdone, Aubrey took off all of her clothes and ran around the house screaming that she was naked.  Then, they decided to climb on the back of the tub and make faces at Daddy...  Funny thing is, this is one of their more sane and calm moments!  If only people could see what goes on behind closed doors.  Frightening!

Calling Buzz Light Year!

Big Boy was recently given a Buzz Light Year costume and, thanks god it's not summer, because he won't take it off!  The wings lights up, which he thinks is just the coolest thing...  That little boy is so sweet and handsome that it's impossible not to support his silliness!