Friday, June 10, 2011

Martian Invasion!

This weekend will be Mia's second dance recital. As last year, she & her best friend Taylor are very excited... Mommy took a bunch of photos during their rehearsal this week, and this photo just blew me away! These two little girls truly love each other... So sweet!

Family Getaway!

For the long Memorial Day weekend we took the kids to a local resort for a little getaway! We had an absolute blast swimming all day, and relaxing in the evening. The twins have reached an age where they are non stop fun! Seemingly overnight they have become little animated people, with very strong personalities... Aubrey & Brandon are constantly battling each other, to the point of head butting each other to get their way. Much like their older sister, they are very happy children who seem to have great dispositions! We are very lucky to have these crazy little midgets in our lives, and we can't wait to see what the next few years bring... That is, other than the abnormally large grocery bills we already contend with!

The Pose!

The midget decided to put on a runway fashion show while enjoying an evening in the hotel room... She was very serious with her various poses! We call this one the 'debonair' pose! She certainly is a natural beauty, if not a total ham...