Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Days!

Here was Momma trying to balance the needs of everyone while keeping the Stay Puft Man happy! Several people have inquired as to why there are so many pictures of Brandon on Mia's blog, and so few of Aubrey... Daddy is most definitely not showing favortism to his boy! The truth is that Brandon is so damn needy that he happens to be around every time we're snapping a photo. Whereas, our perfect angel Aubrey is content to sleep or lie around quietly. I guess it's the old squeaky wheel getting the grease theory... Hopefully that will be changing, as they are both beginning to blossom little personalities! It's so great to see them smiling, giggling and beginning to interact with their surroundings. They've sure come a long way... And I don't just mean their weight!

Aunt Caren & Hadley Visit!

Aunt Caren flew in for the weekend with Mia's cousin, Hadley. They were hugely helpful while Daddy was traveling for work, and Mia had an absolute blast! You can see it didn't take long for Big Bubba Brandon to work his way in with Aunt Caren... He's got a way with the ladies!

Cousin Hadley!

Mia sure loves her big cousin Hadley! She had so much fun during their visit that she could hardly keep her eyes open by the time the sun went down... Each day ended with a nice long swim in the 95 degree pool water! Unfortunately, even the pool is hot this time of year. That didn't stop the fun!