Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweet Angel...

As is to be expected, our little Mia is still an absolute angel... Can't you see it in her beautiful eyes??


Little Aubs is going through a happy, cheerful phase! She's been so sweet recently... Big lover!


Look at that handsome little face... Cutie!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

War Wound...

It was inevitable that we'd eventually spend a day in the ER... Well, this weekend was it! Aubrey was running into her bedroom this afternoon and we heard a bump, followed by an unusual cry. When we found her she had an egg sized knot on her head accompanied by blood running down her face... After convincing Mommy that our child was going to make it, Daddy & Aubs got to spend the afternoon in the ER getting four stitches. She was an absolute trooper! She screamed when they repeatedly dug the needle into the wound to numb it, but never made a single peep during the actual stitching. She's a tough little girl! Poor Aubs... (Note that if you click on the picture above, you can really see the wound!)

Pajama Party!

Mia's school had a 'Daddy & Me Pajama Party' this past weekend. We dressed up in our finest jammies and joined all the other families for some snacks & crafts in the Temple ballroom. It was so fun to spend quality time together, and Mia was especially proud to wear her 'I Love My Daddy' jammies... So sweet!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Princess!

Unlike her big sister, and to Daddy's consternation, Aubrey is turning out to be quite the little girlie girl... For Aubrey's birthday, Dave & Lindsey bought her a Princess dress from the Disney store, and she absolutely freaked! So while the rest of us spent this past Sunday in bathing suits, enjoying the 80 degree weather, Aubs was running around in a tufted dress, with a giant grin on her dress! What a cutie...

Twins Party!

This past weekend we threw a birthday party for the Twins at MyGym. They had about 30 of their little friends for cake and play time. It was very sweet to see them all go nuts when Elmo arrived... Happy birthday little people!


During the party all of the kids really enjoyed the various activities and obstacles at the gym. We found Aubrey & Mia spending some quality time together in a barrel... We are so lucky to have three kids who play together so well and have so much affection for each other! In fact, as I was reviewing the birthday party photos, Mia was looking over my shoulder, and when this photo came up she casually told me how much she loves her little sister...

Yummy Elmo Cake!

As always, Momma was very creative with the cake selection! Big Elmo for the adults, and cake pops for the little ones... The best part was Brandon's new found affection for sweets. He discovered chocolate mousse cake a few weeks ago and literally jumped up and down sweating & screaming the entire time he ate it! It was somewhat scary, but thoroughly entertaining. So when he arrived at his party and saw the Elmo cake, he promptly took a seat at the table and refused to go play with the other kids until he got a slice! It was a long wait, but I admire his persistence...