Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best Friends!

It really is amazing how well these guys all get along! We've always known how lucky we are to have Mia as a part of our lives. However, seeing her love and affection towards her brother & sister really just cements the fact that we're the luckiest parents alive!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sea Captain!

Last weekend we got a sitter for the twins and spent the day out on Lake Pleasant doing some boating with the midget! Daddy's co-workers, Nancy & Rob, were kind enough to invite us out for an afternoon of sunshine & boating. Mia really enjoyed herself... Here she is as captain of the ship! She had so much fun in the sun, splashing in the water, and standing up like a little hood ornament while driving at high speeds... Life with our little Chinese girl is always amazingly fun & rewarding!

The Courageous Swimmer!

We were really surprised at how willing Mia was to jump into the cold lake water and go for a swim! In fact, she kept telling Daddy to let go and let her swim on her own... Our midget is always so much fun!!

Momma's Life!

This picture pretty much sums up Momma's life at the moment! Aubrey constantly follows Mommy around, pulls herself into a standing position while hanging onto her leg, and then panics because she doesn't know how to get down... Brandon walks to wherever they are, throws himself on the ground, and cries! Our usually happy kids are throwing mucho tantrums these days. Can anybody say too much love & attention?! Wow, spoiled...

T-Ball Finale!

Last week we had Mia's final T-Ball game of the season! Wow, the season went quickly... The Red Sox really did an impressive job. The difference in fundamentals from the first game and the last was really impressive! After the final game we had a team pizza party at the Arcadia Tavern and Mia got her very first trophy. She was very proud, and so are Mommy & Assistant Coach Daddy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's official, Big Boy is walking! Actually, he's damn near running... Over the past few weeks he began taking a few steps here and there, but lacked the confidence to stay upright for too long. Then, over the past week he decided he'd had enough of this crawling nonsense and has joined the world of bipeds! He's such a stout little guy that he walks around like he's Arnold Schwarzeneger. Arnold minus the illegitimate children with random hired help!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School's Out!!

Monday was Mia's last day of school!! She had an end of school year party that Mommy & Daddy attended... It was so sweet to see all the kids sad to leave each other, and some even cried to be leaving their teachers! Of course Mia was mostly focused on getting more chocolate chips and M&M's to put on top of her chocolate ice cream... Here is our favorite girl hamming it up for the camera!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Major Progress!

Aubrey continues to make amazing progress! She is speed crawling around the house, pulling herself up and beginning to furniture surf. We are very proud of her! The only bummer is that our sweet little baby can be awfully aggressive with her siblings... That's why we call her 'Jaws'! She has bitten Brandon so hard she left massive marks for days. She's also content to pull his hair and pinch him if necessary. Darn little girl takes after her Daddy with her level of aggression!

Family Tubby!

Mia is very into bathing in Mommy & Daddy's tub, or taking showers these days. However, she occasionally likes to reminisce by joining the Twins for a tubby! Here she was hosting a tubby party last week... The Twins sure do enjoy when their idol joins them!!

Super Mia!

Mia, as always, is quite the creative child! She's especially into Super Heroes as of late. So here is her latest costume. She dons her cape & goggles, and then races her scooter through the house at alarmingly (to Mommy!) high rates of speed... She truly is a world class goof ball!

Family Bike Rides!

We are working hard to enjoy the finally vestiges of spring, before the hot weather sets in! We've been taking family bike rides with all the kids... Normally Mia rides her own bike, but she's not beyond hitching a ride in the Twins trailer! They all love the fresh air.

Summer Love!

Mia is quite close with our neighbor, Easton. Maybe too close! The other day I found the two of them curled up together watching a TV show on Mia's iTouch, in our bed! Damn boys are already starting... Heee heeeeee

Happy Momma's Day 2011

Here is Momma with her two favorite girls! For Momma's Day we took the kids, as well as Grammy & Papa, to the Club for brunch. Then it was a nice long family bike ride! A great day...


Unlike Mommy & Daddy, Big Boy is awfully photogenic... Here he is posing on Mother's Day! He sure does have some beautiful blue eyes.

Dessert with Papa!

We all know how much Papa likes his desserts! So you can only imagine the amount of love he must feel for the midget since he actually shared his chocolate cake with her... That's no small feat! She sure loves her Papa!