Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cousins Visit!

Auntie Caren & Uncle Pat came to visit with their kids this past weekend.  Our kids act like Santa is coming when they know the cousins are on their way for a visit...  It was a super fun weekend, Aubs got some quality snuggle time with Auntie Caren!


Hard to believe, but school is out for the Twins!!  They graduated Pre-K already, and will be joining big sister Mia at Veritas this next year, as Kindergartners...  They are extremely excited to be big kids, and Momma's excited only drive to and from one school each day!


There's no story with this photo.  Just a damn cute picture of the twinkles!

Kitchen Tubby?!?!

And now, for the truly strange!  The Twins lean slightly towards the weird side...  We prefer to think of them as entertainers.  Daddy made the joke that the Twins should take a tubby in the kitchen sink like they were babies again.  Moments later they had stripped naked, donned their sun glasses, and were scrubbing away!  Yep, just plain weird...

Happy Momma's Day!!

For Momma's Day, Mia & Momma climbed Squaw Peak to start the morning!  Mia can now go anywhere Momma goes, from hiking to boxing...  Followed by brunch at home, some swimming & lounging, and dinner at the Phoenician.  Was a truly relaxing day for our Momma who is so selfless and loving.  She deserves the rare break!

Duck Pond!

The other morning we awoke to find the Twins out back feeding a duck who was swimming around in our pool like he was in a pond... They thought they had a new pet!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Snuggler!

Brandon has become quite the ladies man!  He's always been quite the entertainer, but lately he's been learning to work his magic on the ladies...  And I'm not kidding!  Where ever we go, he will always spot the prettiest girl in the room, and within moments be on her lap, or holding her hand.  It's quite entertaining.  Especially when Mia's friends come over!  Here is a photo from this weekend.  Mia's best friend, Kiera, came over to watch a movie.  Where was Bubba?  Of course he was canoodling with Kiera on her bean bag chair.  Even had her rubbing his belly...  That's Daddy's boy!!

Skateboarding Family!!

As most of you know, Mia has been committed to skateboarding for the past few years...  She was recently invited to join the 'Academy', which is a private group of skateboarders at the highest level of the sport, pre-professional.  She now has lessons twice a week, for 3 hours each!  It's quite a commitment, but she hasn't faltered.  She likes ramp, or vert, skating the best.  She drops in on 12 foot mini-mega ramps and clears 6 foot gaps.  It's pretty impressive to see a little person doing such crazy stuff!  Now, lo and behold, Aubrey has announced she wants to be like her big sister and begin skating!!  So over the past few weeks Aubs has begun taking lessons.  It's kind of strange starting over, but really fun to see her following in her big sister's footsteps.  Taking them to skate parks in California this summer is going to be a real treat!

Cotton Candy Goggles!

Last week we took the kids to an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.  Brandon announced that he brought his 'cotton candy goggles', to ensure he found a sufficient supply of the basic requirements in life.  Namely, cotton candy!  The kid is very serious about his sweets...  He's a goof!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Big Rider!

Mia has made Daddy proud by becoming quite the off roader!  She races her dirt bike out in the desert, and romps on her RZR.  Her confidence, and ability to control the throttle, have really grown. She's an impressive little girl!

Dinner Time!

For some strange reason the kid's have decided that their favorite place to eat dinner is on the fireplace!  Strange...

Lazy Sunday Afternoon!

Last weekend we set up a shade tent in the back yard and spent the entire afternoon playing croquet & softball, took a family nap in the shade, had a picnic and just generally enjoyed one of the most relaxing and enjoyable afternoons of our lives!  Nothing like quality time with the kidlets...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Naked Carwash!

Naked car wash anyone?!  Of course not...  Why would you? Apparently because you are a twin, you are 5 years old, it is a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and you are CRAZY!!  There is nothing the twins love more than being naked, and they do it often...

Happy Birthday Mommy!

For Momma's 42nd birthday we hosted a party at our new home for some close friends! Daddy arranged for a special guest to perform some 'intellectual magic' and mind tricks.  It was great that Mia has reached an age where she was able to have a sleep over and interact with us during the party. Here's Momma & Mia enjoying the party show together!  Happy birthday Momma, we love you...

Keeping em Fresh!

The twins, ever the clowns, decided to climb into our new refrigerator!  Daddy figured we could keep them fresh this way...  Goof balls!

Beautiful Kids!

Little Sky came over for a visit and Aubrey, always obsessed with smaller kids, spent her whole afternoon chasing Sky around...  They are so cute together!  Love this photo.

Happy Momma's Day!

For Momma's Day, Mommy & Mia got the piano they've been dreaming of...  Now the whole family, excluding Daddy, is taking lessons!  Mia has gotten quite good, and the twins are determined to catch up.  So fun!

Work Boy!

Big Bubba is really enjoying the new home!  The kids are so excited to have space, and a large yard, that they are hardly ever inside...  The walled / gated property allows them to be outside, all day, without waiting for Mommy or Daddy.  They are safe to explore their new world!!


Mia was done napping by 3 years old.  The twins?  Well, let's just say that more often than not they get a few hours of snoozing each day!  Aubrey is known for her somewhat acrobatic sleeping positions.  Especially when in a car...  Gotta love the deep sleep of children!

Bubba's Birthday Dinner!

Hard to believe that the twins turned 5 already!!  Bubba wanted nothing more than to go to "the bull place" for his special dinner...  That's his name for a local Western themed restaurant called Rustler's Roost, which has a huge bull in a pen outside the front door.  It's the simple things...  Our old neighbor, Emily, came along and we had quite the celebration!  Happy birthday twinkles!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Training!

It wouldn't be March without Spring Training in Phoenix!  The twins are getting to an age where they understand the games we take them to.  Specifically, Brandon knows that any game involving a ball usually has guys selling cotton candy!!  Aubrey knows there will be tons of people with which to flirt and win over...  Mia will get quality time with Mommy & Daddy!  All is right in AZ.

Spring Break 2015!

We had a blast heading to Disneyland with Fred & D's family, and Rachel & Brad for spring break!  The kids were all tall enough to ride everything for the first time.  A couple days of craziness, and then we spent the last few days of our break getting started on our move!

We're Back!!!

Let's just say it's been a crazy couple of months!  After searching for our dream home for the past few years, we unexpectedly found it a few months back, and it's been a flurry getting everything ready, and getting moved in...  We're finally settled and have resolved our technical difficulties!  Time to party.