Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Steady Progress!

The twins sure are continuing to develop at a rapid pace now! Aubrey has gone from barely moving to army crawling all over the house. She's so focused on movement that if she is confined in her forward progress, she'll simply spin in circles... She vocalizes (ie-screams!) constantly, and is really making us proud! Brandon continues to eat everything he sees, and throws full on tantrums if you try and feed him any less than an entire cow! He stands on his own for about 30 seconds at a time, and should be walking any day. They are totally playing and interacting with Mia now, and the house has become a complete zoo. We love every minute of it!

Easter Bunny Love!

This past weekend we attended the annual NICU Easter Egg Hunt. It's a great opportunity to see all of the nurses who took such wonderful care of the twins, and a chance for them to be amazed at how chubby our kids are! As you can see above, the twins were not at all amused by the Easter Bunny. Mia wouldn't even get within about 20 feet... So much for bunny love!

Daddy's Birthday!

Mia was so incredibly sweet on Daddy's birthday! For days she has been asking, "Is today Daddy's birthday?". Then, on the morning of, she woke Daddy up with her rendition of 'Happy Birthday', and then worked hard with Mommy on a special cake. She actually did most of the mixing & preparation... Having the whole family together made it Daddy's best birthday ever!

Godfather Steve!

Mia's Godfather, Steve, came for a visit. He & the boy really bonded, as you can tell in this picture... It was great having him around to spend time with the midgets! After he flew out on Sunday night, Mia told Mommy that she missed Uncle Steve, and wished he would stay for a year. So sweet...