Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Major Progress!!

I'm pleased to announce there ain't nothing wrong with this kid!! Aubrey has absolutely blossomed in the past few weeks... She went from barely rolling over to crawling around the house so fast we can hardly keep up with her! She's spinning and crawling and dancing and smiling. She has such a sweet little smile and a wonderfully gentle nature. She's already beginning to pull herself up and providing much needed reassurance to her Mommy & Daddy... Brandon actually took his first few steps tonight! He took three steps and then realized nobody was supporting him, so he sat down. He's clearly ready to walk, but lacks the confidence. Another week or two and he should be walking. At least until Mia knocks him down...

Monkey Boom!

It's hard to believe, but after four years Mia appears to be outgrowing her favorite Mary Bear! She has recently become attached to a little monkey that she named Monkey Boom. No idea where the kids comes up with this stuff... Last night she did the cutest thing. She found a small wooden box and a few wash cloths, and made Monkey Boom the cutest little bed. She was adamant about tucking him in properly and putting him to bed in her room! (Note the serious look on her face!) Children can be so sweet... And this one, well, she's clearly a very special child! There are no words to describe the level of love that we feel towards her. I'm sure most parents can relate...

Play Time!

The twins are fast becoming toddlers! Last week we got a new water table in the back yard and they are obsessed... Its' great because it forces them to stand up and strengthen their core muscles. They continue to thrive and are an absolute blast to have around! That being said, we're pretty sure 3 is plenty. Not sure how people do 5, 6, 7 kids?!?!

The Sleep Eater!

The twins have grown to be inconsistent nappers. Some days they'll sleep for hours, and other days a 30 minute power nap suffices! The best part is the resulting exhaustion on the short nap days... Here is Brandon sleeping through dinner! This has become a once or twice a week routine for him. He loves food so much that he'll literally reach for bites and stuff them in his mouth as he's snoring! It's quite comical. The kid sure is a clown.