Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Yep, it's already been 3 months since the twins made their grand entrance into the world! Look at Brandon's face here. It appears he's still questioning what the hell he's doing here?! The picture with Aubrey had some kind of choke hold going on with the big sister, so I thought I'd try and keep up the false pretenses of us being a calm, serene and loving family! Truth be told, it's a freaking mad house around here...

Serious Rock Digging!

While Daddy was working in the garage this weekend, Mia decided to get into some serious rock digging... As we all know, it's critical to wear appropriate eye protection when filling buckets with rocks! The chocolate on the face? Well, how would you expect her to have the necessary energy to finish the job without a little pick-me-up?! Too cute!

Neck Cramps?!

I thought I had physical ailments to complain about until I saw the way the twins spend their days! Good god, it's amazing how they always find a way to crook their necks at about a 90 degree angle... Here they are in their first swim suits at the family party at the Club this weekend! This was after a few shots of tequila and a couple keg stands. You've got to remember, they were preemies, so they haven't built up much tolerance for alcohol yet!

Best Friends!

Over the weekend we attended a family pool party at the Club. Christine & Tracy brought their kids, as well as Kimmy & Steve, who have a little girl named Taylor. Taylor is Mia's first true 'best friend'. It is so amazingly cute to see their little friendship developing... They try and do their hair the same way, hold hands when playing, and miss eachother! It is so cute... Here they are playing in the Kiddie Pool. Big shock theya re both doing the same thing!

Sports Illustrated 2027...

Can you see it now? Mia Lovell doing her Sports Illustrated swim suit lay out on some South American beach in the year 2027... Note to Mia, Daddy ain't having it!

School is Out!!

We can hardly believe that Mia's second year of school is already over! Wow, time flies... Here is Mia saying goodbye to her two teachers, Ms. Emily & Ms. Marcy. During her student - teacher conference this year Ms. Marcy told us that if she could have 12 or 15 more Mia's in her class, her life would be perfect! Awwww, how sweet that our child acts perfect for strangers and saves her ridiculously crazy for us at home...

Peach Festival

Last weekend we took Mia & the newest midgets to a peach festival south of town. Here's our Princess doing what she loves, riding a pony! It may have been a little aggressive taking the twins out in 95+ degree weather, to a farm... Yikes! We all had fun and the yummy peaches were worth the sacrifice!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Aunt!

Now that Aunt Cathy & Uncle Ryan have relocated to sunny Arizona, Mia gets to see them far more often! In fact, they live right around the corner and we've been spending a great deal of time together. It's great for Mia because she loves playing dress up and just being goofy with her Aunt. As you can tell by the photo, Aunt Cathy is good at that... Uncle Ryan is great at helping Mia develop her musical skills, plus he's certainly no slouch at being a goof himself! Here are the two super heros flying around the house in full their full get ups!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, Grammy & Papa drove up from Tucson and joined us for brunch at the Club, followed by a little swimming for the midget & Daddy! Even the twins got to hang out in the shade and enjoy a little bit of the spring heat in Phoenix. Mia loves swimming now and is really getting quite good... It's frightening how quickly she's growing into a full blown little person. She's no longer just our midget. The other night Stacy went into Mia's room in the middle of the night to cover her up, and came out in shock at how large Mia's body was when she tried to move her in the bed... Raising kids is an absolute blast, but it sure does go quickly!

The Cutie!

I swear this kid gets cuter every day! No matter what is going on around her, she is an absolute joy without a care in the world... Her parents haven't slept in days, the kids are crying, toys are everywhere, and she prances around with a cat mask on her head like this is the greatest day of her life... Gotta love her contagious joy!! She's the best.

Mia's Playmates!

Mia likes playing with her siblings, even if they don't know it! Daddy walked into the living room to check on Brandon as he was enjoying a little 'tummy time' on the floor, only to find that Mia was decorating him with rubber frogs! She was quite entertained by her creation and wanted to ensure that Daddy got a picture... She's so silly & entertaining! Poor boy, I fear he has years of female harassment ahead of him.

The Trouble Maker!

You may recall that we felt like we won the lottery with our first child. Mia has always been an absolute angel. Then came the twins. The girl? Yes, another angel. The boy, well, let's just say he's a pain in my ass... Don't get me wrong, we love him. But wow is he a handful... Ever met a child who can't be put down?! Allow me to introduce you to Brandon Lovell. He just loves to be held. So much so that if you put him down he'll scream until you pick him up again! For all of you who say to let them cry it out, I urge you to have a child... Last Saturday Mommy went to a fundraiser for the afternoon and left Daddy with the kids. I literally had to strap the kid into this sling and carry him around with me all day to keep him calm! Note the happy look on his face... What a punk! Did I mention we love him???

Dual Feeding!

Yep, this is what our life has come to... That's one talented Mommy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Best Big Sister in the World!

Mia has absolutely blown us away with her loving and generous spirit toward her little brother & sister! She has not once been anything other than sweet & caring... I threw Brandon in her bed the other night just goofing around, and she immediately climbed in and began to snuggle in for the night, as if they were going to have a sleep over! The best part was his expression. You'll need to click on the picture above and blow it up to get the full effect. His smile is hysterical. He so often to appears to be this wise little old man! These guys are the best...

Super Mom!

Stacy sure is an incredible Mother... How she is able to provide so much care and nurturing to her entire family is truly astonishing! We are so lucky to have such an amazing woman to take care us. Yes, as most of you know, Daddy is often just another kid to be taken care of... Here is one of the rare down moments for one of the most incredible women on Earth! And I'll bet it doesn't surprise any of you that even in her down time she is finding a way to nurture & love! We sure are lucky...

Like Father, Like Son!

Kickin it with my boy! Nothing like lazy days on the couch with a newborn midget...

Monday, May 3, 2010


Grandma came to help out with the Twins last week. Looks like she toughed it out, huh?! Mia loved having her here, and the twins slept on her shoulders for the better part of 4 days... Tough life these midgets have!