Monday, June 24, 2013


After a long week of traveling by RV, we pulled into Vail for what Daddy thought was a quick stop to see the sights...  Apparently Momma had other plans!  After checking into the Four Seasons Hotel and having a relaxing dinner in Vail Village, we all got a much needed night of rest in some very comfy beds.  First thing the next morning we took a gondola ride to the top of Vail mountain and enjoyed the amazing views before heading off to Moab, Utah!  A beautiful wrap up to a really fun week in the RV.

Sibling Love!

As the kids get older it's so fun to watch how they interact and play together!  No doubt Aubs is usually on the outside looking in, but Mia has gotten much better about including her.  Unquestionably the twin's bond is strong...  They are so used to being together day in and day out.  When we separate them, like for summer camp, they do fine, but at the end of the day they want to know all about what the other did, and catch each other up on their day! 

Princess Camp!

Princess Aubrey chose to attend 'Princess Camp' this summer!  It was a week long, and each day she chose a different princess outfit and got all done up...  It was so cute to see how crazy excited she was each day.  She truly believed she was in training!!