Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Morning Football!!

Yes, we all look a little rough, but isn't that what Sunday mornings are all about?! Daddy makes it to the couch, gets a little football going, and shortly thereafter finds himself engulfed with lazy children looking for a little cuddle action... It's really very sweet! Big Boy is either chewing the leg off a chair, or searching for the love of his life, Momma!

Mr. Tantrum!

Here's Big Boy doing what he does best, throwing a tantrum! It's so funny to watch the various phases they go through. Thankfully, the twins seem to trade their quirks back and forth, rarely being trouble makers at the same time. Now that Aubrey has been walking, she's happy as could be and it's Brandon's turn to be whiney and needy... Funny thing is that their personalities are the exact opposite of what I expected. He is so aggressive and rough, and she is so sweet and dainty. However, when it comes to any kind of new adventure or daring ride, Aubrey can't wait to partake, while Big Boy runs to the safety of his Momma's arms and whines... He's quite the sissy, but we still love him to the moon!

Rain Dance!

The hot weather has finally subsided, and we've been rewarded with cool days, and even a few rain showers! Aubrey got very excited the first time she saw her big sister singing in the rain, and immediately got her rain coat... She's such a happy little girl and thoroughly enjoys every new experience!