Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who Me?!

This is one cool kid kicking it on the couch, waiting for the ladies! He & Dad have been working on polishing his nonchalant look for the girls...

The Princess!

Every time I think the midget's creativity has peaked, she takes it to a whole new level... This week Daddy has spent the majority of his time wearing his golden crown & cape, while swinging his sword to protect the Princess! Apparently there are many scary lions & bears in our home which need to be slain! Quite a beautiful Princess, I think you'll agree...

Aubrey's First Food!

Since Brandon is getting real food, we decided Aubrey should try some as well... She isn't eating at the same rate as her brother, but certainly doesn't shy away from the bottle! Here she is trying her first peas & bananas. It took her a moment to warm to it, but she proceeded to eat a pretty heathly serving!

Brandon's First Food!

Since Brandon is pounding through his bottles at an alarming rate, we thought it might be time to try a some real food... He's been getting rice cereal for a few weeks, but here he is with his first smashed peas. Yummy! He tore through the peas and moved right on to smashed bananas. I'm pretty sure I should begin saving my pennies for the counseling this kid is gonna need regarding his evolving eating issues!

Getting Stronger!

While she definitely has trailed Brandon in physical development, Aubrey is making up for lost time now! She likes to hang out in this crazy little chair and flirt with anyone who walks past... Quite the smile on this gorgeous little one!


I don't even think I need text with this picture... This kid lounges in the tub like he's some kind of 3rd Century BC warrior!

Somebody Help Me!!

Yep, unfortunately for Big Old Brandon, this is the picture he most often sees! His big sister, Mia, displaying her massive 'close talker' abilities... She's really enjoying having the twins around these days, and likes to climb on them, put on shows for them, etc. I'm pretty sure it's better for her than it is for them... Oh well, they'll grow to love it!