Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Absolute Beauty!

No caption needed! The beauty says it all...

Biker Chick!

Tell me this isn't one of the coolest chicks you've ever seen! Daddy was moving his motorcycles last weekend and the midget wanted to come along and do some work... The best part was that she was a little frightened when we started them up, but she screamed with happiness when I pushed her up onto the fuel tank and race around with her between Daddy's legs! She's a natural adrenaline junkie!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

NICU Easter Egg Hunt!

The group of nurses at the Scottsdale Shea NICU have been simply amazing! Not only in the quality of their care for Brandon & Aubrey, but also in their treatment of our entire family. They host several events each year to bring together past and present families who have been through the NICU. We are so appreciative of these women that Mommy & Daddy sponsored the cupcakes for the annual NICU Easter Egg Hunt! Mia had an absolute blast eating hot dogs and cupcakes, while running around the park picking up candy filled eggs. Yes, we realize there was nothing healthy about this day! It's just amazing how much joy she brings to our life, and we can't wait to bring home her brother & sister...

Camera Ready!

Of course the news crew covering the NICU event found the most beautiful child to film! The camera guy saw Mia packing eggs into her back pack and came running over to get footage of the little cutie... So sweet!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


During the last few weeks while Daddy has had to take over the domestic duties of the household, some fairly high level hair styling skills have been developed! Note the pony tails above... Momma claims she doesn't like the way Daddy does the midget's hair and that she looks like Pebbles! I'm fairly certain she's just jealous of the tremendous skills that Daddy has developed!

Terrible 3's!

Ok, truth be told, there's pretty much nothing terrible about this angel of a child! That being said, she's certainly moving into a more indepdendent phase of her childhood. Mommy & Daddy are often ignored, even for basic questions... Or when we're dressing her for school, wow that can be a chore these days! I'm not sure how much of this is her gaining independence and how much is simply the fact that she's spoiled beyond belief and views Mommy & Daddy as her humble servants!! We love our angel nonetheless, even if we have to be a little more aggressive in our disciplinary measures... Note the picture above where Daddy asked the midget to smile and say cheese. Her response? Yep, the picture says it all... Damn cutie!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Purim Parade!

For obvious reasons, I'm a little behind with postings... However, this one was just too cute to pass up! On Friday, February 28th, the day Mommy went into the hospital, Mia's school offered to take her for the day. They happened to be having a parade that day to honor the Jewish holiday of Purim. Since we hadn't planned on her being there, we didn't have a costume for her. So they improvised, and did a damn fine job of it! How cute is she?!?! Pretty sure the look says it all... Specifically, "What the hell am I doing in this thing?". That's our lover!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Sweet Angel...

As we experience the joy of bringing two new babies into our lives, the feelings and emotions for our existing child are almost overwhelming. We're thrilled to bring Brandon & Aubrey into our family and would never change it for the world. At the same time, this whole experience has been so difficult for Mia. After a long day today at the hospital with Mommy, I picked up Mia this evening and headed home to share a bubble bath. Then, from the backseat, I hear her sweet little voice asking me, "Daddy, are you going to drop me off somewhere tomorrow?". The question was devastating... Needless to say, I kept her up quite late enjoying some quality time together in the tub, watching a video and snuggling! Everything happens for a reason, so I'm fine with the events of the past few weeks. What I am not fine with is hurting my daughter... She is so incredibly sweet and precious. She is everything to us and I can't wait for everyone to get home to Daddy & Mia! In meantime, I'll continue enjoying sharing my bed with my midget and reprioritize a few things to ensure that she spends the majority of her day with Daddy! Here's a photo of Mia fast asleep in Mommy's place in bed... An absolute angel even when she's sleeping!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Special Delivery!!

Grammy & Papa have been here helping out this weekend. Papa decided it would be fun to close Mia into a box and make a surprise delivery to Momma!! Mia had so much fun that she was giggling and climbing in & out of the box for close to an hour... She sure is loved! Her sweet gigles are infectious!

Uncle Ryan & Aunt Cathy!

Aunt Cathy & Uncle Ryan moved to Arizona this past week! Mia loves them both, especially goofy Uncle Big Bird... As you can see from the photo, they have loads of fun together! She's very lucky to have even more family living close by now!

Friday, March 5, 2010

They Finally Meet...

Today while Daddys was spending some quality time with Brandon, Mommy & Mia made a surprise appearance! It was very interesting to see Mia's reaction. I don't think she knew exactly what was going on when she turned the corner and saw Daddy snuggling with another baby. It definitely set her back for a moment! She was very withdrawn and quiet during the five minute introduction to her brother and sister. Then, she decided she had no interest and wanted to go back to Momma's room and play! Pretty much as we expected since the kids are so small and fragile, have tubes coming out of them, and were in a strange environment... Now the whole family has met!

Dr. Mia!

Mia so looks forward to her daily trips to see Mommy! Today she brought along her medical kit and gave Momma a full inspection... It was so cute to see her working her thermometer and stethoscope. She quickly declared Mommy fit to come home!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Momma's Helper!

With all that has been going on in our world, probably no one has had it more difficult than little Mia... She has never been away from her Momma for this long a period of time, and she misses her horribly. (As does Daddy...) But true to style, she always finds a way to bring sunshine into our lives! This morning when I woke up I found Grandma and Mia doing laundry. That's right, Mia decided she was going to help Mommy around the house! Tell me that isn't the sweetest thing you've heard? We're so blessed to have two new babies coming into our lives, but we're both in agreement that Mia will always hold an incredibly special place in our heart... She was our first baby and we are so deeply in love with her that it's hard to fathom loving any other creature half as much. I know we will, but I just don't see how! Time to learn...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today Momma was doing well enough that she was moved from the ICU to the OB ward, where all new Mom's belong! Not only did Mommy finally get to meet her new babies, but big sister Mia got to visit with Momma!!!!! Let me tell you, after five days apart, that was a very big event for both Momma & Mia... The best part was that Mia immediately saw the pictures of Brandon & Aubrey and began inspecting the photos! It was so adorable... She can't wait to meet them herself! So much love...