Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy 39th Birthday Momma!!

Today is Momma's 39th birthday! Next to Halloween, I think this is Mia's favorite holiday... She has been so excited about decorating the house and giving Momma gifts!!! Happy birthday Mommy, we love you!

Best Momma Award!

Mia was extremely adamant about creating a 'Best Momma' trophy for Mommy's birthday! She helped Daddy decorate the house with streamers and balloons, and then carefully wrapped her trophy and was beaming with pride when she presented it to Mommy!! It was so sweet... It was also very accurate!

Happy 40th Daddy!

Mommy & the kids made Daddy's 40th birthday extra special! It was a weeklong festival of parties, fun & love... One lucky Daddy!

Twins' First Swim Lesson!

Now that the Twins have turned 2, we figured it was time to begin teaching them to swim! So this past week they experienced their first swimming lessons at the Club. They both love to swim at home, so we were curious to see how they would do with lessons... Pictures below explain!


Mia could hardly wait to play lifeguard during the twins' swim lessons! She has become quite the proficient swimmer. In fact, she can now do a near perfect butterfly stroke for the entire length of the pool... We're hoping she'll want to join the swim team this year!


After playing with Daddy in the pool, and asking if she could join Mia's swim lesson, it was quite a surprise to see Aubrey throw a full blown tantrum when her turn came... Poor swim coach Matt had to deal with the crazy one!

Big Boy Swimmer!

Big Boy did surprisingly well at his first swim lesson! He was a little unsure of what to make of things, but never freaked out like his sister... Mia was the beaming, proud & supportive big sister!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dining Pool Side!

A long day of swimming makes a kid hungry! So of course Momma was kind enough to whip up a yummy lunch to be served pool side... These kis are so spoiled and have no idea. Good for them!

Big Swimmers!

The kids are really enjoying the pool this year! Swim lessons are helping them get comfortable in the water, and the twins will try anything to keep up with Mia! Aubrey absolutely loves swimming and will stay in all day if we let her. Like usual, Big Boy is a bit more tentative. The hot weather has made swimming a must...