Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daddy's Little Buddy!

We're very lucky to have three healthy kids who we love very much! It's always a treat to get a few minutes alone with each of the kids. It's also very rare... Big Boy has blossomed into the happiest, most laid back and easy going little boy. He's a total ham and just loves to win people over with his smiling and flirting. He's definitely Daddy's little buddy!


Every now & again I see a picture and am reminded of Mia's absolutley stunning beauty! Both inside & out this little girl is just plain special... It's hard for me to call her my midget anymore, as she's grown about 3 inches this summer and is no longer smaller than her classmates and teammates.

So Close...

Aubrey is so close to walking! She can walk 10-15 steps when she chooses to, which isn't very often... Mommy had the great idea of buying her a shopping cart last week and it was almost magical the transformation. Aubrey literally spends hours per day pushing her cart around the house. The upright action is strengthening her legs, and has brought her right to the brink. Any day now we expect that her crawling days will be history!!

Juice Box Obsession?!

Did I mention that Big Boy sure does love the rare treat of a heavily sugared juice box?! This is the look of utter juice box protectionism... Very focused!

Autumn Moon Festival Picnic!

We celebrated the first day of the Chinese Autumn Moon with a festival in the park. We had a family picnic, which the kids absolutely loved! I'm not so sure it was the quality family time they enjoyed as much as the rare treat of juice boxes. Big Boy pretty much hyperventilated at the first sign of sugar... Aubs must have been crawling off towards trouble during this picture!

Dress Up!

Daddy came home from work the other evening to find that the twins had played 'dress up' with Mommy for the first time! Big Boy was very proud of his costume, although we're still not sure exactly who he was supposed to be... Perhaps he was Super Fisherman?! Either way, they were both awfully darn cute!

Family Tubby!

This week Mommy bathed all the kids together in the big tub for the first time! Mia was so excited to have the twins join her... She was adamant about bathing them herself. It was so sweet to watch her shampoo their hair and soap them up. She really is a great big sister! Big Boy looks a tad bit overwhelmed by the whole thing...