Thursday, January 29, 2015


It's shocking, and difficult to believe, that our baby girl Mia is turning 8 today!!  Seems like yesterday we brought her home as a tiny baby...  We're almost half way to our goal of developing and guiding her into being a fun loving, caring and driven adult.  Thus far I think she has taught us more than we've taught her!  Our lives were complete the day we started our family.  Everything here on out is a bonus.  Happy birthday baby!!

Mia's 8th Birthday Party - Parkour!

Momma gets more and more creative each year with the birthday parties!  This year Mia requested a treasure hunt based around a parkour theme.  Parkour is a new sport involving gymnastics and obstacle courses.  She loves it, and so it shall be!  Each obstacle successfully completed allowed the party participant to draw from a treasure box.  They filled a bag with prizes and burnt off a heck of a lot of energy!  Of course Mia demoed the whole course for the kids.  What made the party really special is that it was held at the indoor skateboarding park where Mia trains.  So when it came time to break for cake, Mia was able to do a quick demo for all of friends and classmates on the Mini Mega Ramp!  After a 12' drop in, she cleared a 6' gap while jumping a steel curb.  It was Daddy's proudest moment!  The girl's got skills...

The Wedding of Q and U.

As the Twins finish preschool and head off to Kindergarten soon, the annual right of passage at Chanen is a grammar exercise where the students enact a full scale wedding, in honor of permanently joining the letters Q and U.   It's so cute, and even big sister Mia played hooky to come rekindle her memories of her own Q and U wedding.  They are growing so quickly!!!


It's great to see that even at almost 8 years old, Mia still feels attached to a few of her stuffed animal friends!  As she gets older, and becomes a bigger kid each day, we notice more and more the things that keep her young in our eyes...  Mia will forever be our baby girl!