Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boss Man!

Tuesday was 'bring the kids to work day' for Daddy! It was so fun having them around the office. At one point we threw Brandon in the big chair and he promptly copped the 'Boss Man' pose... Does this guy think he's Tony Soprano or something?!?!

Daddy's Girl...

While at work, Daddy got a little quality time with his baby girl and took this self portrait! She really is such a sweet and docile angel... Nothing like 'Bam Bam Brandon', as big sister Mia likes to call him!

The Little Bakers!

Nancy had Mia over on Sunday afternoon so that Madi & Mia could make cookies! Mia had an absolute blast, as she's obsessed with Madi, aka Corn Dog. Ironically, after eating raw cookie dough all afternoon Mia came home complaining of a belly ache and promptly fell asleep on the couch... What a sweetie!