Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Lovell Battlefield!!

Well, our hopes of a false alarm during our ER visit last Sunday were not to be... Aubrey was admitted to Phoenix Childrens Hospital, perhaps the worst hospital on Earth, and spent the next four nights in the pediatric unit. Turns out the entire family, Daddy included, were hit with the RSV bug. In adults this virus manifests itself as a simple sinus / respiratory infection. In kids, however, things can get quite severe. Aubrey was unable to breath well enough to sufficiently oxygenate her blood. They had to do frequent deep suctions, meaning they shoved a tube down her nose and vaccumed her lungs! Wow, was she miserable... She cried for so many days straight that she actually lost her voice. Poor little girl... Finally, on Thursday we checked her out of the hospital and brought our girls home! As you can imagine, Stacy never left her side for a single moment! We're relieved and happy to have the whole family back together again!!

Long Week...

It sure was a long week for Momma & Aubs... After four long nights in the hospital, they were definitely ready to come home! Aubrey was so miserable at times that the only way she'd calm down was to be wrapped around Momma, as evidenced above! Momma, as always, was such a trooper. In fact, I'm pretty sure Momma didn't eat a single meal or sleep for more than 60 minutes at a time during the enitre hospital stay... Poor girls! We're happy to have them home now!

Wounded Boy!

No child was to be spared by this RSV bug! Brandon, being the tough guy that he is, has struggled through his sickness with frequent doctor visits, but no hospitalization necessary... Instead we have been giving him heavy doses of antibiotics, and frequent breathing treatments, as evidenced above. He's quite the trooper! The poor little guy is struggling to breath, but still smiles and giggles constantly!

The Fallen Soldier...

Big sister Mia, who rarely gets sick, was even struck by this bug! Here she is being examined by the doctor... Thankfully she rebounded in about 24 hours, as she's the toughest child on the planet!

Daddy Time!

While Momma & Aubrey were in the hospital all week, Daddy got some quality time with the midget and Brandon! Thankfully all three of us got some help from Kassy, one of the kid's new baby sitters. She was really helpful in allowing us to hold things together this week. She works at a local restaurant, US Egg, so Mia & Daddy went to visit her on Thursday for lunch, and thank her for all her help! Here is Mia being silly at lunch... Mia bonded so well with Kassy that she has spent the past few days playing 'restaurant', taking everyone's order, and working on her cooking skills! So sweet...