Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Break in Aspen!

For the kid's fall break we went to Aspen with Marc, Elie, and the Johnson family!  Being the fall season it wasn't crowded and the weather was absolutely gorgeous...  We played in the woods, visited the local nature center, and even rented a RZR and went to the top of Aspen Mountain!  The kids had a ball and didn't want to come home.  Special mention goes out to Aubrey for her off roading style prowess!!

Halloween Prep!

The Twins have been anxiously anticipating their favorite holiday, Halloween!  They've been trying many different costumes, yet somehow Aubrey always puts her own twist on things...  Ugghhh

Winter Approaches...

Mia is getting ready for ski season!  Not sure Daddy's board is going to fit her yet...

Freak Show!!

This picture very clearly illustrates the different personalities in our family...  Specifically, it illustrates that Aubrey is quite the freak show!!!!!!  She is always a handful and always entertaining.  We'll just leave it at that!

Pizza Party!

On Friday night the kid's had a pizza party!  Literally...  They flung flour, tossed dough, and in the case of Brandon, used waaaaaaaaaaaay too much cheese for their own good!!  So fun.  Momma always puts together the best activities for the kids, and having Mia's best friend Kiera over always makes it more fun!