Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Passing of the Crib!

Mia was a great helper to Daddy when painting and decorating the twin's room! It wasn't until we broke out her old crib that she hesitated for a moment... After a little explaining and some time to allow her to play in her old crib, Mia was ready to pass it off to the next generation! Now she is very proud to have her little sister in her old 'little girl' crib... What a great sharer!

Twin's Room!

It's kind of difficult holding Momma back from creating yet another pink paradise! Daddy has to constantly remind her that we've got to have a little masculinity for our boy... We compromised on stripes and stencils of fairly monotone consistency. Of course she had to spruce it up with pink accents on Aubrey's side...


The other night Daddy needed a little quality time with the newest midgets, so we loaded them up on his lap. Throw you or me on top of another person and see how comfortable we are... These two? They are most comfortable when tossed together. They look so peaceful. Only problem was that every few minutes Brandon would jerk his arm into Aubrey's face and wake her up... She was pretty irritated by the whole thing! Big lovers.

True Love...

On countless occasions we have found Mia rubbing Brandon's head and whispering to him, or holding hands with Aubrey while they watch TV. Here they were sharing a few quiet moments together during the latest episode of Dora! She really does love them... It's also amazing to see how well she recognizes them. She'll run through the room and barely glance at a baby on the couch or in a swing, and ask where the other one is, by name, without hesitation. The kid is too damn smart...

Mia's Puppet!

Mia was already enjoying have the twins around, and then she discovered how much fun it truly could be if she dressed them up! I'm not kidding that she ran in her room, unprompted, and came out with her Diamondbacks hat because she was certain Aubrey wanted to wear it... What clown that kids is!