Monday, November 17, 2014

Uncle Chris & Cousin Michael Visit!

This weekend Daddy's brother, Uncle Chris, & cousin Michael came out to AZ for a long weekend visit.  Life gets so busy, and goes by so quickly, that we were lucky they were able to make time for us.  All of the kids fell in love with Uncle Chris, and Michael was such a hit that Aubrey began telling 'Mikey' how much she loved him, and Brandon insisted he sleep in his bed...  We had an absolute blast and the kids swam for about 30 hours over the course of the weekend.  We can't wait for their next visit!

Pizza Night!

Whatever the Lovell kids don't get in life, that won't include love from their Momma! Stacy continues to amaze all who are lucky enough to interact with her.  Her depth of love and ability to give endlessly is nothing short of amazing!  One small example of this is 'pizza night'.  This is the kid's favorite time, as they get to make the pizza...  With light supervision from Mom, they proceed to utterly destroy our kitchen!  Here they are joined by Kiera, Mia's best friend.  We are so lucky to be able to partake in their childhood and relive everything that makes life worth living!  They are little angels.

Crazy Scout!

Aubrey continues to be the light of our life, and the thorn in our side!  Brandon & Mia have continued to be easy, happy, fun little kids!  Aubrey?  Well, let's just say that she continues to be spicy...  I can hardly wait to see what the teenage years will bring!  That said, we will always love her and all her craziness.  She certainly keeps things fun!

Happy Halloween 2014

As the kids get older, these holidays get crazier and more fun!  This year the kids went through a total of 13 different costumes before settling on their final choices.  Momma was accommodating as always, and in the end they chose old costumes we already had laying around, and ignored the 13 new outfits Momma bought! Mia was a Ninja, Aubrey was Arielle and Brandon was Buzz Lightyear! Yep, that's the story of the Lovell household: restraint & sacrifice!  All kidding aside, this was the year that Mia finally honed in on maximum candy collection, while the twins ate all of her candy as quickly as they could...