Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Attack of the LIttle People!

Our home has been invaded by the little people! Daddy awoke the other morning to a horde of midgets attacking him... What could be better than waking to these happy little faces! They bring so much joy and love.

Sisterly Love!

They sure do love each other!

Grandma & Grandpa Visit!

Grandma & Grandpa made the trek from Ohio this past weekend to meet the twins! I see a resemblance between Brandon & Grandpa. They're both balding & Chubby! Heee heeee All kidding aside, it was great to see them...

Momma's Boy!

Talk about a little ham! This kid knows no limit to his flirting... He works everyone in his presence with his giant infectious grin! He's clearly a Momma's boy. I'm pretty sure he's spent close to 90% of his waking life in Momma's arms... Of course Momma can't say no! What a cutie.

Daddy's Girl!!

Aubrey is so clearly different than her brother & sister! She is just the sweetest, gentlest little girl... Whenever she hears Daddy's voice she lights up with the biggest smile! She truly is a special little girl. It's so fun to watch their little personalities blooming!

The Little Baker!

Mia is definitely what you would call a 'Tomboy'. She is very into cars, bikes and playing in the garage! This suits Daddy just fine... However, lately Momma was growing a little concerned that Mia only liked boy toys. Daddy assured Momma that this was quite natural, but Mom likes to worry nonetheless... So Momma was very excited the other night when Mia saw a commercial for the 'Magic Rise Oven' and declared she would like the princess version! Needless to say, Momma had it overnighted to the house, and the midget is now knee deep in fresh baked cupcakes!!

Note the tie-dye shirt she made at a birthday party last weekend. She is very proud!