Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School

Wow, can the summer already be over?! Today we had a 'meet your teachers' day at Mia's school. Mia will be going to pre-school three days per week this year. She really seems to enjoy herself, and even asked if she could go five days per week! Mommy isn't quite ready for that level of separation yet... Baby steps.

Holding Hands!

You never know how much is wishful thinking on the part of parents and which part is true, but the bond between twins sure does seem to be something special... Here they are spending time on the play mat together, and they end up holding hands! Aubrey had an MRI last week to check a mole on her back. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing. However, during the procedure Daddy took Brandon to work so Mommy could focus on Aubrey. Keep in mind, Brandon has become a fairly easy child. Very little crying, unless of course he's hungry. Well, at about 10:30 am, while at Daddy's office, happy Brandon began crying for no apparent reason. Really crying! This lasted about 2 minutes, and then he was all smiles again. A twin who works with Daddy casually mentioned that I may want to find out what time Aubrey was awoken from her general anesthesia. Sure enough, at precisely the time that Brandon cried for no apparent reason, Aubrey was awoken and was very upset! Coincidence?!?! Hmmmm....

Bestest Friends!

Mia's best friend in the whole world is Taylor! She is Kim & Steve's daughter, and is just the sweetest little thing... Kim happens to be one of Mommy's closest friends, which makes their friendship very convenient! They are in gymnastics & dance together, and try to emulate each other at every opportunity. Mia always wants a single pony tail like Taylor, and Taylor wants piggy tails like Mia... Their close bond and affection for eachother is really amazing to witness! Ironically, Taylor's Mommy & Daddy are expecting twins soon too!!

True Love!

Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes! These two are so animated and playful it's amazing... Here they are spending a little quality time together on a blanket. Do you think she fancies her brother?!?! He definitely plays the 'cool guy' role.