Monday, May 13, 2013


Today was the day that Stacy & I have been dreading for some time...  Both of the Twins were born with enlarged adnoids and tonsils.  In fact, Big Boy has snored since birth, and recently began bouts of sleep apnea.  It became imperative that we solve the problem.  Aubs was lucky enough to only have her adnoids removed, while Brandon actually had both tonsils and adnoids done at the same time.  The day certainly didn't go as planned, which isn't a surprise for our drama prone family!  The surgery was smooth, but we learned that Aubrey has an aversion to certain anesthesia.  In fact, when they woke her after the surgery she went absolutely crazy for over an hour.  It took 3 nurses to hold her down until she finally faded off to sleep.  Now, as you can see by the picture above, she is back to her old self.  By 'old self' I mean wearing her underwear on her head and acting like a fool... Brandon had a much easier time with the surgery and anesthesia, but he's really struggling, as they suggested he would.  He still hasn't talked a word, and sleeps on and off.  The picture above was the only smile I've coaxed out of him all day...  It's such a bummer to see their little bodies struggling, but wsa definitely a necessary surgery.  So, the coming days will be all about freezer pops, snow cones & healing!!

Happy Momma's Day!!

Grammy & Poppa came up from Tucson for a visit and we all enjoyed a nice relaxing Morther's Day brunch at the Club!  The Twins were their usual crazy and chaotic selves, but somehow we've all grown accustomed to it...  We're sure lucky to have such an amazing and devoted Momma.  A great family day for sure!

The Thespian!

Our shy little Mia announced a few months ago that she wanted to join a local production of the play 'Cinderella'.  She practiced several days a week for a few months, and this past week they put on 3 performances.  It was amazing to see the kids grow more comfortable and confident with each production of the play.  Mia was a Towns Person and a Sparkle Ferry!  She has already announced that she's going to do the 'Willy Wonka' play that is being performed this fall...  We're very proud of her.  Especially since this helps her overcome her naturally shy personality! She sure is blossoming.

Spring Choral Concert!

Mia had her first choral concert last week!  They had been practicing at school for weeks and did a big performance in the newly built auditorium at school.  It's so interesting to see the difference between boys and girls at age 6. The girls all stood perfectly still with their hands clasped, as instructed. The boys bobbed and swayed and poked eachother the entire time! Fun...

School's Out!

Unbelievable that the Twins' second year of preschool is already over!  Summer sure did get here fast...  The Twins had amazing teachers this year, and were so sad to say goodbye!