Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Momma's Day!

Momma got home from her girls vacation in time for a proper holiday celebration at home! In am effprt to keep Momma fully relaxed and pampered, we had a chef come out to our home and cook up a big brunch for our family, Grammy & Papa, and the Wichansky's. A long day of swimming, eating and playing made for one happy, but tired, family. It was a perfect day!

Daddy Time!

To start Mother's Day weekend right, Daddy sent Momma off for a little relaxation at Miraval, a resort in Tucson. That meant Daddy had full time kid duty... Their teachers were amazed when the Twins showed up at school properly dressed, with their hair done! It sure has gotten easier now that they have graduated from being toddlers, to little people. Plus, big sis Mis is alwayd a huge help!