Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring Time!!

Spring has finally arrived!  Or at least our version of spring...  The heat has broken and the kids can't get enough of playing outside.  Here they are turning our street into a constant party.  Once the toys start coming out, the kids congregate from all over and the party begins! 

The Family Mutt!

It didn't take long for Mr Marshall to ingrain himself in the Lovell home!  He is an amazingly smart and sweet little guy, with the perfect temperament to deal with Aubrey's incessant harassment...  It only took about 2 weeks to housebreak him and, short of his constant stalking of the kitty, he's just about perfect.  We can't imagine life without our little Marshall. 

Hot Tub Season!

Now that the heat has broken and the gorgeous holiday weather has set in, the kids are living in the hot tub!  Nothing like a dip in the tub followed by smores around the fire to make for an ideal evening...

The Little Chef!

Every Friday night is family night.  We let the kids choose what they want to do.  Sometimes we stay in for movie night, others nights we head out to Dave n Busters, or some other fun establishment.  This past week Mia announced that she wanted her & Daddy to make dinner, from scratch, for the family. So we created a menu, generated shopping a list and got after it...  Pizza from scratch, an amazing salad, and some world class spaghetti made for one hell of a family meal!!  She was very committed and never lost focus. Then, of course, there is the mandatory class clown in the back ground.  Bubbies is always entertaining with his silly little personality!  At the end of the night, Mia proclaimed this was the best day she ever had... 

Underpants Girl

Aubrey decided to proclaim herself 'Underpants Girl' and ran around the house insisting I take pictures of her!  Yes, she's quite the ham...  The kids are all going through such amazingly fun ages.  We're past the challenges of diapers & cribs, and onto the party phase of child rearing!!