Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The War Zone!

The Lovell home has been quarantined this week and is officially a war zone! All five family members have been hit hard with the stomach flu... It started with poor Aubrey projectile vomiting on Sunday afternoon, and progressed throught the ranks. On Monday night, everyone but Mia was in the depths of despair at the very same time. Thank God Momma has the constitution she has, or we'd have all been carted away by ambulance. That woman's level of sacrifice knows no boundaries... Aunt Cathy was a huge help as well. She showed up sporting a surgical mask, which entertained Mia, and proceeded to assist with Mia's bathing and bedtime routine. She was a tremendous help. Then on Tuesday, as we thought we were pulling out of it, Mia decides to projectile vomit as she is playing the drums! The flu is never fun. However, watching little babies hurt without any ability to understand the pain or express their need is heart wrenching... We'll all be happy to put a few days of good health behind us!

Somebody Help me!!

Thankfully Brandon is one awfully good sport! Mia can already recognize the clear difference between Brandon's masculine playfulness and Aubrey's senstive demeanor... She is constantly harrasing the poor kid. Here he was hanging out playing with his toy, and she decides to mount him like a horse! Can you tell by the look of panic on his face that he's wondering what in the hell she is doing on top of him?! That look is usually followed by a smile a few moments later...

Sisterly Love!

I'm not sure if you can tell by the photos, but Aubrey grows more amorous of her sister by the day! Thankfully, this is not unrequited love... The two of them are growing so close and Aubrey is constanly beaming at the site of her big sister! She has the greatest grin.

Happy Boy!

I'm fairly certain there hasn't been a photo taken of our boy with anything other than a smile on his face! I used to think we were blessed and lucky to have such happy children. However, after three kids, I'm realizing there might be a common cause at work. Like perhaps being the luckiest children alive in having a Mommy like Stacy! Her never ending love and constant affection for these children is overwhelming... In fact, the state sends a developmental nurse to our home once a month to ensure our premature children are progressing in a healthy manner. During her last visit, Mia was showing off her collection of drawings of her family and friends. The nurse commented that of the dozens of pictures she saw, every person, animal or tree had a massive smile attached. Apparently that's a healthy thing, and not a big surprising to anyone who has met my over achieving wife... We are certainly very lucky for many things, and Stacy is at the top of that list!

Many Talents!

Mia is certainly a child of many talents! Not only has she shown a natural talent for music, but she really loves art. She is now taking an art class after school on Wednesday's, and yet still can't wait to get home and tear into her art supplies... Our walls are now covered with her artwork that she skillfully arranges and hangs! It's funny how 'pre-children' we were so focused on having a perfect house with everything arranged so carefully. Now, our house is in constant disarray with what appears to be a child's random scribblings hanging on all walls, hallways, windows, etc. Yet that is exactly what makes our house such a warm home... We can't imagine it any other way!