Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Snuggler!

Brandon has become quite the ladies man!  He's always been quite the entertainer, but lately he's been learning to work his magic on the ladies...  And I'm not kidding!  Where ever we go, he will always spot the prettiest girl in the room, and within moments be on her lap, or holding her hand.  It's quite entertaining.  Especially when Mia's friends come over!  Here is a photo from this weekend.  Mia's best friend, Kiera, came over to watch a movie.  Where was Bubba?  Of course he was canoodling with Kiera on her bean bag chair.  Even had her rubbing his belly...  That's Daddy's boy!!

Skateboarding Family!!

As most of you know, Mia has been committed to skateboarding for the past few years...  She was recently invited to join the 'Academy', which is a private group of skateboarders at the highest level of the sport, pre-professional.  She now has lessons twice a week, for 3 hours each!  It's quite a commitment, but she hasn't faltered.  She likes ramp, or vert, skating the best.  She drops in on 12 foot mini-mega ramps and clears 6 foot gaps.  It's pretty impressive to see a little person doing such crazy stuff!  Now, lo and behold, Aubrey has announced she wants to be like her big sister and begin skating!!  So over the past few weeks Aubs has begun taking lessons.  It's kind of strange starting over, but really fun to see her following in her big sister's footsteps.  Taking them to skate parks in California this summer is going to be a real treat!

Cotton Candy Goggles!

Last week we took the kids to an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.  Brandon announced that he brought his 'cotton candy goggles', to ensure he found a sufficient supply of the basic requirements in life.  Namely, cotton candy!  The kid is very serious about his sweets...  He's a goof!