Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy Day!

Momma ordered a 'Thomas the Train' rain coat for Mia, and it arrived today! You'd have thought it was Hannukah come early... She promptly made Daddy button all of the buttons and get out her umbrella. Never mind that it's 85 degrees outside, we're having a rain dance...


Guess who has figured out that the twins are now able to play?! Momma bought a few laundry baskets to function as train cars, and Mia loaded up the fam... I think she's still a little amazed at how fun these animated, moving dolls are to play with. Those dolls would be her siblings!!

The Lady Killer!

Already practicing his moves!

Papa Time!

Stacy really enjoyed taking Mia to Kindermusic when she was a baby. So when it came time to enroll the twins, she faced the dilemma of handling two kids by herself... Thankfully a lot of family and friends have come through and helped out when schedules permit. Last week Grammy & Papa made the trek from Tucson to partake in the singing and dancing! As you can see, Brandon really enjoyed having Papa with him in class...

Grammy Time!

It was so nice for Stacy to have her parents with her to enjoy some quality time at Kindermusic! They love Grammy...

Wonder Twins!

They certainly weren't awake long enough to properly enjoy Halloween, but they had fun together nonetheless! Momma was awfully proud of their costumes. They seemed to enjoy getting dressed up and even gave Momma a big smile for the camera... It looks like Aubrey may have swalled a whole city! Heee heeeee

Last Minute Change!

As has become tradition, Mia decided at the very last minute to change her Halloween costume! For months she's been talking about being a super hero. Then, on Halloween night she made a u-turn and decided a cowboy, definitely not a cowgirl, would be a better fit... So Momma did an amazing job of making her into a suitable cowboy! She was so cute in her costume, and trick or treating door to door. This was the first year that she showed some autonomy and made Daddy wait by the street while she went up to each house with all the other kids! So cute to see her growing and flourishing...