Monday, January 21, 2013

Skiing in Colorado!

Once Mia got a taste of skiing in Flagstaff, she was dying to get out again! This past weekend Daddy had to host a company party in Colorado, so we took the opportunity to get her back on the slopes. Grammy & Papa were kind enough to watch the twins, so the three of us slipped away for a quick ski trip to Beaver Creek. Mia had a private lesson with a woman who couldn't believe her natural aptitude. After one run down the bunny hill she took Mia straight to the top of the mountain. Not only did she ride the high speed lift, but she spent the day hitting blues!! After lunch we all went back up together and it was surreal skiing challenging runs with her effortlessly tagging along... At one point I told her to make sure she stayed behind Daddy, and she told me to ski faster then!! We've got a ski bunny on our hands.

Quality Time!

Hanging with the midget in Colorado was an absolute blast! The midget isn't quite so small anymore... Mia has grown so tall this past year, and certainly knows exactly what she wants in every situation. We had late dinners, hung out on Club Level for snacks, and ran down the hallways of the Ritz like we owned the place! It was a party that we didn'y want to end.

Smores by the Fire!

Nothing like a fire pit in the Colorado mountains! It was really amazing to get quality time alone with just Mommy, Daddy & Mia. Unquestionably we are deeply in love with the twins. However, those several years when it was just the three of us were some of the greatest times of our lives... Mia is truly such a special child. At 6 years old she's like hanging out with an old friend! I've never known a soul I respected more... Except maybe my lovely wife!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from the Lovell Family! We rented a home in the mountains of Flagstaff for the week with Marc, Lexi & their girls. It was an amazingly relaxing, fun week with all the kids & chaos! We went sledding, played in the snow, and even took Mia for her first ski lesson... As expected, the midget did fantastic! Nothing like quality family time with the kids!

Snuggle Time!

The fresh mountain air really had the kids sleeping soundly! One night Brandon & Mia asked if they could fall asleep in our bed. We came back a little while later to find Big Boy snuggled up to Mia, which is really no surprise, as those two are so in love with eachother...  So sweet!

First Snow Man!

While in Flagstadd the kids got to spend loads of time sledding and playing in the snow! In fact, they finally learned that snow is wet, cold and can be quite unpleasant... Here is there first snow man!!