Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cousins Visit!

Auntie Caren & Uncle Pat came to visit with their kids this past weekend.  Our kids act like Santa is coming when they know the cousins are on their way for a visit...  It was a super fun weekend, Aubs got some quality snuggle time with Auntie Caren!


Hard to believe, but school is out for the Twins!!  They graduated Pre-K already, and will be joining big sister Mia at Veritas this next year, as Kindergartners...  They are extremely excited to be big kids, and Momma's excited only drive to and from one school each day!


There's no story with this photo.  Just a damn cute picture of the twinkles!

Kitchen Tubby?!?!

And now, for the truly strange!  The Twins lean slightly towards the weird side...  We prefer to think of them as entertainers.  Daddy made the joke that the Twins should take a tubby in the kitchen sink like they were babies again.  Moments later they had stripped naked, donned their sun glasses, and were scrubbing away!  Yep, just plain weird...

Happy Momma's Day!!

For Momma's Day, Mia & Momma climbed Squaw Peak to start the morning!  Mia can now go anywhere Momma goes, from hiking to boxing...  Followed by brunch at home, some swimming & lounging, and dinner at the Phoenician.  Was a truly relaxing day for our Momma who is so selfless and loving.  She deserves the rare break!

Duck Pond!

The other morning we awoke to find the Twins out back feeding a duck who was swimming around in our pool like he was in a pond... They thought they had a new pet!