Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys!

It's truly amazing the genetic differences between boys & girls.  Aubrey is so girlie, and always insists on takig her dolls to dinner or the store.  Conversely, Brandon takes every chance he can to strip all of her dolls naked and line them up in alarming positions...  I guess that provides comfort in counterbalancing his penchant for tap dancing!!

Little Miss Chaos!

It's a damn good thing this kid is cute!  Cause the chaos and carnage left in the wake of her obstinant personality is utterly overwhelming...  We absolutely love Aubrey to death!  And premature death is what she will cause her parents!  Her voice sounds like a 70 year old baritone singer. Why, you ask?  Perhaps it's the result of standing in her crib screaming for several hours each night!  I am not exaggerating either...  The kid is just different.  Thankfully the sweet little hugs and kisses make up for the choas she has reigned on the Lovell family!

Date Night!

Every Monday night is Date Night, where Daddy & Mia have a special night out. It's amazing to see how Date Night has progressed over the last year.  It used to be a ritual trip to the mall to play in the play area, get a cookie and be silly.  Now, sadly, we walk past the play area and Mia says she's too old for it... Then she decides which store she'd like to go clothes shopping at first!  She has clearly learned that Daddy is a pushover and can't say no.  In fact, she prefers going shopping with Daddy, as Mommy picks out pretty clothes.  Conversely, Daddy allows her to shop in the boys section and choose outfits like the one in this picture.  A nice pair of athletic shorts and a Darth Vader t-shirt!  She's still the sweetest...

Happy Boy!

Brandon has modeled himself after his big sister Mia, and is truly a sweet, easy child.  He's always smiling, loves to give kisses, and is very sensitive to any punishment. He loves to put on Mommy's bras and Daddy's shirts!  His favorite dress up item is Mia's tap shoes...  That's ok, we love him with his feminine side and all.