Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RV Trip 2014

This year marked the 3rd annual Lovell RV Trip!  Each year the kids get more excited about this event, and we get better at planning.  Or should I say, learning not to plan, and just wandering aimlessly...  We took the long Labor Day weekend and decided to head North, out of the heat, but to stay in Arizona and explore our own backyard. There are so many great little mountain towns, so we camped at a different RV park every night, and explored lots of new areas.  Between the Grand Canyon, Bearizona, taking the ski lift to the top of Snow Bowl, and zip lining over Williams, AZ, we had a blast!  We even brought along our puppy, Mr Marshall.  He was one fine co-pilot!  With all of the traveling we do, this is always our favorite trip!  Quality family time and no schedule...  The best!


While the focal point of our RV trip was to be the Grand Canyon, an unexpected detour turned out to be the surprise hit of the trip!  Bearizona, in Williams, AZ, was really awesome for the kids.  They took several hundred acres of wooded land and put in a few hundred bears, some big wolves, white bison, mountain goats, etc.  Being able to get up close in a vehicle and check them out in their natural habitat had the kids enthralled for an entire afternoon...  An awesome pit stop! That's what makes the RV trips so fun.  The unexpected detours, totally unplanned, always turn out to be the most fun!

Grand Canyon!

The highlight of our RV trip was a visit to the Grand Canyon!  Much like Daddy remembered, it's awe inspiring for about 15 seconds, and then everyone kind of stands around and wonders what to do next...  It certainly is beautiful though!

Tough Girl...

For all of the challenges that Mommy and the Twins faced at the start of their little lives, we are so lucky that they never had any real physical issues.  Little Aubs is the only one who has shown any repercussion, by having weak lungs.  Whenever the weather changes, Aubs get respiratory issues or asthma.  We have learned to put her on breathing treatments at the first sign of congestion, and she handles it like a champ!  She's our big, tough girl...

2nd Grade!!

Absolutely unbelievable that Mia is already in 2nd grade!  Oh how times change.  She was so excited for her first day of school, and literally launched herself out of the car and ran off on the playground...  We are so proud of our big girl!

Twins' First Day of Pre-K!!

It's amazing to think that next year at this time the Twins will be in Kindergarten...  They were so excited to be 'upperclassmen' at their pre-school.  I just hope their teacher's expectations aren't too high after big sis Mia raised the bar!  Cuties...