Sunday, June 7, 2015

Molly Visit!!!!

Molly & Kenny flew in from NJ for a quick visit this week.  Molly & Mia were born one day apart, and shared a crib in their orphanage in China!  We all became very close during the adoption process in China, and we make sure to get together whenever possible.  It's so amazing to see the young ladies they've grown into, and their incredible little personalities!  We are damn lucky to have them in our lives...


Brandon & Aubrey are really enjoying Mommy & Daddy's new tub!  The other evening they were screaming for Daddy to get his phone and snap some photos of them being 'tough'...  Pretty badass!

Mommy & Daddy!!

Mommy & Daddy don't make the blog too often, for the simple reason that Mommy & Daddy don't get photographed together very much!  We're usually feeding, bathing, disciplining or loving our kids...  So this past weekend was a treat when we slipped away for a quick adults only trip to Vegas to celebrate D'Anna's 40th birthday!  Momma looked ravishing as always, and definitely deserved a little R&R.

The Boxer!

Mommy & Daddy took up boxing last year as a fun way to get some serious cardio! Mia tagged along a time or two, and is now absolutely obsessed...  She gets seriously angry if she finds out either of us went boxing without her!  Here she is boxing her friend Ava.  The kid is tough.


Rob & Nancy were kind enough to invite us up to their boat on Lake Pleasant for a day of sun & tubing!  The kids had an absolute blast getting dragged around behind the boat, and now are lobbying for us to get a boat...  Just what we need!

Memorial Weekend Movie Night!

For Memorial Weekend we decided to stay in town and enjoy our new digs!  On Saturday night we invited over a few families, and Daddy constructed a movie theater in the back yard.  It turned out to be perfect weather, and the kids all lounged on blankets engrossed in the Lego Movie, while the adults enjoyed some quality time and cocktails!  A memorable and relaxing weekend...

Desert Rats!

Mia & Daddy have been heading out to the desert to race dirt bikes for the past few years!  Mia has gotten extremely fast, and loves to spend her Saturdays in the desert.  So a few weeks back, Mommy & the Twins announced they wanted to join us...  Without hesitation, got them a fully caged dune buggy of their own, and early Saturday morning we all headed off for a day of romping in the desert! The 'before' photo, above, shows how excited everyone was as we headed out bright and early.  The 'after' photo shows just how hot and tiring a few hours in the desert can be!  Nothing made Daddy more proud than seeing his whole clan playing in the sand...