Friday, January 29, 2016

Amazing Picture!!

When we had our holiday photos taken, the photographer, Laura, snapped a few photos of each of the kids.  This one of Mia really blew us away!  It just so totally seems to capture Mia's true spirit...  Amazing!!

Icee Enjoyment!

Unlike his sisters, Bubba sure loves his sugar!!  So this past weekend Daddy entertained Mia & Bubba at the pool at the Marriott Desert Ridge, while Aubrey was in an American Girl fashion show. While ordering lunch Bubs sees they have something on the menu called a dirty worm...  Disgusting, right?!  Nope, he was beside himself with excitement.  Oreo ice cream and worms?!?!?!  Yummy!!!  Crazy kid...

Still Playing!

When the Twins were about 2-3 years old, their favorite game was to climb into our hampers and close the lid!  They just thought it was the greatest game in the world, and would do it literally for hours...  So it was quite the surprise when Mommy went to change the other day and opened the hamper to find the Twins tucked inside again!!  At 5 years old it was just as enjoyable for them, and for Mommy...

Serious Motocross Rider!

Mia has gotten pretty serious about her motocross riding!  So now that she has stepped up to a 110, we felt it was time to get her real gear, right down to the neck brace.  Daddy is so proud to see her racing the trails and keeping up...  The girl is magnificent!

Big Boy in Love!!

Big Boy went on his first date!!  Ok, so it was only with his cousin McKenzie...  But that didn't negate his excitement one bit.  When she asked him out for ice cream after Thanksgiving, he jumped at the chance.  In fact, he spent most of the morning planning his outfit and was adamant that he wear a suit and top hat!  He was truly beside himself, and Kenz was so sweet.  Our little Bubs is quickly becoming a ladies man!!

Cold Winter Night!

So far this has been the coldest winter we remember in 25 years!  Aubs sure figured out how to keep warm...  I just thought this was the sweetest picture!  It matches her sweet little personality.

Aubrey's Future?!

Sometimes, as a parent, you get a fleeting glimpse of a child's future!  Could this be one?!  No, of course not...  But she sure is cute!

Big Boy on the Potty!!

Some pictures just need to be shared!  And need no explanation...

Kimmy & Tay Tay Visit!

In November Kimmy & Taylor came for a visit from Colorado!  When Mia was just a baby, she & Taylor became best friends through Kindermusik.  Even though Taylor's family moved away to Colorado, they have always maintained a special bond...  Mia never opens up and shows her true personality to anyone quite the way she does Taylor!  It's so sweet to see.