Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fire Station Visit!

This weekend we drove out to Globe, Arizona to take the kids to 'Apache Days'. This is an event where all of the remaining Apaches in the state come together for tribal dancing & singing. Mia was mesmerized by the festivites and is still talking about the outrageous tribal head dresses they wore for their ceremonial dances. On the way home we happened upon a fire station that was having an open house. The kids got to climb into a fire truck, and here they are aboard a helicopter! The high light for the children was watching the helicopter take off... It's such an amazing experience to expose the children to things they've never seen before.

First Day of School for Aubs!!

Well, the day finally arrived for our last child to begin going to school... She was a little slow in getting started walking, but boy is she making up for lost time! Aubrey hasn't gotten down and crawled a single time since she stood up and began walking a few weeks ago. Now that she's walking, it was time to join her siblings at school. And boy was she ready... She marched into that school with lunch bag in hand, ready to take charge. The best part was that she is so short that she had to drag her her lunch behind her! I'm happy to report that she had a fantastic first day and loves going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Handsome Devil...

Usually it's Mia's beauty that I'm espousing on this blog. However, I think this handsome young man deserves a little respect for his devilish way... What a cutie!

Nap Time!

The other day we were all playing in our 'family bed' during the mid afternoon. One minute we were all wrestling, the next minute Mommy & Big Boy were cuddled up and fast asleep... We crept out of the room and let them catch a badly needed cat nap! Aren't they sweet together?

The Fish Queen!

Mia is obsessed with gold fish. So much so that sometimes she dumps them all over herself! Ok, not really, but she sure enjoys those little crunchy things... Here she was right after she spilled a bag all over herself!