Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Twinlets!!

It's pretty shocking to believe that our little premie twins, who wreaked so much havoc upon entering the world, are already two years old! I've said it before, but it truly is staggering how quickly time flies... Momma took cupcakes to school for their entire class, and then we celebrated this evening as a family. As if that weren't enough, Momma has planned a big party with 40 of their little friends at 'My Gym' this weekend... Look at how proud big sister Mia is in this picture! She sure loves her little siblings.

The Prisoner!

Somebody let me out of here!!! The answer is no, you belong in a cage...

For those of you who don't find humor in that, you either don't have kids, or they are too old for you to remember the pain!!

Sleep Over!

Mia has now graduated to sleep overs! This was a very big step, because it meant she needed to get completely out of 'pull ups' and into big girl under pants... She had her best friend, Easton, sleep over a few times, and finally took the leap of sleeping over at his house last week! It was really fun to see her excitement, but sad to go to bed without our little girl in the house...

Daddy's Girl...

Aubrey, for all her craziness, is such a sweet little girl... No doubt she will be our problem child in the years to come, as she is extremely determined, to the point of obstinance. We keep telling ourselves that this will make her a strong, determined adult. But it certainly isn't going to help us during the teenage years... Yikes! Yet it's moments like these where she cuddles up and takes a nap that make it worth all the effort. So sweet!

Abs of Steel...

Brandon is awfully proud of his man boobs, I mean abs! We have a hard time getting him to keep his shirt on. Especially at school... That makes a wonderful impression with the teachers! Can't imagine where he learned that?!?!

Snow Cones Princess!

For Mia's birthday, Mommy surprised everyone, including Daddy, and had a snow cone truck show up on the street for all the neighborhood kids! It was great. We were all playing outside and an island themed truck blaring Carribean music rolled up... Mia got behind the window and proudly served the neighborhood!! Momma sure knows how to make a birthday special.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ride Em Cowgirl!!

The kids were all invited to Zoe's 3rd birthday party this past weekend at McDonald Ranch in Scottsdale. They loved the petting zoo, but all went nuts over the 'neigh neigh' rides! Mia also got a chance to practice her 'roping' skills, and was screaming with excitement when she actually caught the dummy cow around the horns... It was so much fun to see them all enjoying themselves so much!

Big Boy Cowboy!

We were really surprised to see Big Boy hop up on the horse and ride away with a smile! He's usually so timid and shy... It was great to see him trying something new!

Aubs Riding!

Crazy Aubs was not to be outdone by her siblings! She looked so little & sweet up on that horsey...