Monday, April 5, 2010

First Hold!!!!!!!!

Wow, what an unbelievable experience for us, as parents, to see all of our kids together for the first time! When we went to the NICU on Sunday, our amazing nurse, Ann, helped us to arrange for Mia to hold her siblings for the first time. We weren't sure how Mia would react, but she was an absolute rock star! She was so sweet & gentle, and looked down at them so inquisitively. You could almost see the older sibling pride coming out! Then she smacked them both in the head. No, just kidding, that didn't happen! Although it wouldn't have surprised me after all the separation and trauma their arrival caused Mia... It was so incredible for us to see them all together and maybe just a bit scary to see how many kids we're now responsible for! They are doing so well that the NICU nurses told us to expect them home later this week... Can't wait, but yikes!

PS. Aubrey is one chubby little girl, huh?! They have almost doubled their weight, and are now approaching 6 pounds each... Wow!

Kisses for Brandon!

The photo is a little dark, but could anything be cuter?! Wow, she was so sweet with her baby brother...

Quality Sister Time!

This time I think it was Aubrey who was wondering what the hell was going on, and who this other little person was?! We were so proud of big sister Mia...

Happy Easter 2010!

Happy Easter from your favorite Easter celebrating Jewish family! That's right, we're greedy... We're taking all holidays as our own! We enjoyed a great brunch and Easter egg hunt at the Club with the Friends. Then we spent a few hours at the NICU with our newest little Easter eggs, followed by a quick trip down to Tucson for dinner with the family. Wow, that was quite a reminder how much Mia loves playing with her cousins... She snored the whole way home in the car! It was a wonderful holiday.

Finally a Trombone!!

If you haven't noticed, our child is musically obsessed... For whatever reason, she has been yearning for a trombone for quite some time now! Most household objects have become make believe trombones at one time or another. So, Daddy promised the midget we'd find a real live trombone! After searching high and low and finding that trombones are not cheap, we found a pair of 100 year old trombones on Ebay! You can't imagine her excitement when they arrived. We're gonna need a little brass polish and some elbrow grease to make them work, but that didn't slow down her enjoyment!

Silly Girl...

We have been so lucky to have Carmel as a part of our lives! Carmel began baby sitting for Mia when she was just a little baby, and the love between the two of them has grown into something very special... It' really nice for Mommy & Daddy to know that not only is Mia being well cared for when we go out, but that Mia has the time of her life! Often times we come home to find loads of silly photos on our camera. This was Mia being Super Woman and Carmel encouraging with cheers and photos! Too cute...