Sunday, March 18, 2012

War Wound...

It was inevitable that we'd eventually spend a day in the ER... Well, this weekend was it! Aubrey was running into her bedroom this afternoon and we heard a bump, followed by an unusual cry. When we found her she had an egg sized knot on her head accompanied by blood running down her face... After convincing Mommy that our child was going to make it, Daddy & Aubs got to spend the afternoon in the ER getting four stitches. She was an absolute trooper! She screamed when they repeatedly dug the needle into the wound to numb it, but never made a single peep during the actual stitching. She's a tough little girl! Poor Aubs... (Note that if you click on the picture above, you can really see the wound!)

Pajama Party!

Mia's school had a 'Daddy & Me Pajama Party' this past weekend. We dressed up in our finest jammies and joined all the other families for some snacks & crafts in the Temple ballroom. It was so fun to spend quality time together, and Mia was especially proud to wear her 'I Love My Daddy' jammies... So sweet!!