Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Disney Trip!

This past weekend we did our annual Disney trip for Halloween!  It's always a blast to see the park all decorated for the holiday, but this year it was extra special as the twins came along for the frist time.  Mia was so excited to show her brother and sister the park, and acted as our official tour guide!  Grammy & Papa are always very generous to take us each year, and were absolute troopers in helping us chase around these crazy kids!  Here are the girls dressed up for Friday night trick or treating in the park.  It is certainly a tiring and crazy trip, but so worth the effort to see the joy on their faces when they met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and the gang.  Can't wait for next year's trip!

Cousin Hadley!

Aunt Caren brought cousin Hadley down for a few days of Disney fun!  Mia and the twins are absolutely in love with Hadley and would actually fight over who got to sit with her and play with her...  Mia definitely looks up to her big cousin and it's always great to get to see them on our Calif trips!

The Ham!

Besides looking like he's eaten too much ham, Big Boy really is a big ham!  Every time he sees a camera he begins a series of goofy poses...  Here we were enjoying a nice italian meal before going back into Disneyland for some serious trick or treating! 

Family Wagon!

It was something else having all three kids at Disneyland for the first time!  Thankfully we had this crazy wagon train of a stroller which drew constant stares and comments.  We may have been a freak show, but it sure made life managable...  Having Grammy & Papa around to help out also ensured our sanity!  Here we were watching one of the nightly parades at closing.  Amazing how big Mia is getting!

Cars Land!!

The new Cars Land at California Adventure is really amazing!  While Aubs went to her Princess lunch, Daddy & Mia got to hang out and run around hitting up lots of rides...  Here's the midget posing with Mater!

Minnie Mouse!

Aubs just couldn't believe that she was actually getting to meet Minnie Mouse in person!  It was such an amazing experience to see the natural, untainted reaction of joy & happiness.  They believed everything they saw...