Monday, November 25, 2013

Skater Chick!

As has been clear from day 1, Mia is no ordinary child.  She excels at everything she does, and just has a super cool vibe to her personality.  Thankfully, she is not a traditional child.  She loves to race dirt bikes, work on cars and has decided that her new calling is to be a professional skater chick!  As you can tell, Daddy has no hand in any of this...  So Mia had her first skate boarding lesson tonight at the local skate park.  Her instructor, a teenage boy, couldn't believe how quickly she picked it up and was riding the ramps.  Mia almost cried when it was time to leave and was begging for her next visit.  It's so amazing to be able to see how cool she feels when she succeeds at something intimidating and challenging...  That's one cool chick!

Mrs. Chaos!

I swear this girl has 12 different personalities...  And they rotate every few minutes!  She is an unbelievably sweet and loving child.  She's also amazing fun & inquisitive.  That said, we're going to have our hands full in a few years...  Ugghhhh!

Handsome Man!

Brandon has entered the cutest phase of wanting to be like Daddy.  So the other morning when Mommy was getting the kids ready to go to the Children's Museum, Brandon decided he needed to be stylish.  He insisted that Daddy blow dry his hair and 'do it cool'.  Then he wanted to use Daddy's mouth wash and get a spritz of Daddy's cologne.  He topped it off with a tie and was ready for the day!  After a few hours at the museum Mommy asked Bubbies why the long face, and he lamented that no one had told him he looks handsome...  Such a sweet little guy!

Gingerbread Houses!

This week we decided to have a Gingerbread House competition!  Here's how it went down. Brandon dumped all of his icing in a big pile and then smashed his face into it and at it as quickly as possible! Aubrey made a few patterns, whined for more of whatever she didn't have, melted down, then smiled and ate all of her candy. Mia spent close to two hours perfecting a professional grade house design, complete with drawings and plans... Then executed with amazing detail and craftsmanship. Yep, pretty much tells you everything about their crazy divergent little personalities!